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Do You Make this Mistake When Tying Your BJJ Belt?

Do You Make this Mistake When Tying Your BJJ Belt?


Don't Look Like A Fool! Learn To Tie Your Belt Properly...

Let’s talk about something a little easier to understand than the usual mind-bending techniques we encounter in our feed on a daily basis. Yes, tying your belt. So often we see beginners and sometimes even veteran practitioners with their belts tied in some bizarre fashion, most notably the version with the ends of the belt forming a vertical line from floor to ceiling. There may be a few different ways to secure the BJJ belt, but there are also a few methods that will invite puzzled looks from across the mat.

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It’s ok, we can help. Here’s Bernardo Faria to the rescue. In this video he gives us some insight in to properly tying the belt. Have a look!

As Bernardo explains, most BJJ players have no trouble in the early stages of tying the belt. We find the center, wrap the belt from front to back around our body, and pull the ends so they’re even. We take one of the ends, place it over the other and then under the layer that’s wrapped around our waist. Business as usual right?

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Here’s where the crucial mistake is made. Before you make your knot, you’re left with two ends. The one that’s on top must STAY on top! This will give you that proper triangular knot. Should you choose to put the bottom piece of belt on top, you will end up with that undesirable, goofy vertical look.

Often overlooked, the proper belt knot is essential. Learn the proper method of tying that piece of cloth we hold so dear!

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