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Is This the Best Knee Bar Ever?

Is This the Best Knee Bar Ever?


 They won't see Neil Melanson special coming!

Neil Melanson is one of the most sought after grappling and MMA coaches in the world.  His resume includes a who's who of UFC fighters who have benefited from his unique mix of brutal catch wrestling and creative MMA-oriented grappling techniques.  His toolbox overflows with submissions and positions that are equally as beautiful as they are diabolical.

In the video below, Neil Melanson catches up with 5X World Champion Bernardo Faria to take a look at a unique kneebar set up that arises from Neil's Ground Marshal Half Guard system.  Check it out for yourself!

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 Also with the threat of strikes in the back of his mind, Neil shares that he hates being back on his bottom shoulder, sprawled out and a perfect target to absorb punching damage.  To combat this, he is always looking for a way to come off the mat and drive into the opponent either pushing them back or forcing a reaction, like he will do in this technique.

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From what he calls combat half guard, he will employ a fairly standard knee shield and a "lifeline" grip which will start with his bottom hand ensuring that Bernardo is unable to cross face them and as he drives himself up he will utilize the opposite hand to control Bernardo's wrist.  As Neil builds himself up, he will increase the pressure and essentially drive his legs into Bernardo's thigh driving him backwards.

This forces Bernardo to either fall back, or to drive forward to prevent this, which is exactly what Neil Melanson is looking for.  When Bernardo pushes forward, Neil will roll under to expose the hips and come up to start setting up the knee bar.

Once he is upright, he will simply sit back, figure fouring his legs as he controls the distal portion of Bernardo's leg with his near arm.  With his far arm, he will wrap Bernardo's head and then link his hands with an S grip, which adds the cradle position to the finish and makes it nearly impossible for Bernardo Faria to open Neil's legs to escape.

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