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Jiu Jitsu Terminology For Brand New Students: Part II

Jiu Jitsu Terminology For Brand New Students: Part II


Part 2 Of The Basic Terms YOU Need To Know When You Start BJJ

In this second part of the series, I want to go over some of the other terms and definitions of Jiu Jitsu that I didn’t cover in the first part. In the first part, we discussed some of the most basic definitions such as submission, guard, passing, and sweeping. This article will talk about different positions and technical aspects and how they relate to those basic terms.

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The first term I want to go over is “under hook.” This small technique is used in many positions in Jiu Jitsu including the guard, side control, standing, etc. An under hook is when a grappler places their arm at least elbow deep under the armpit of another grappler and wraps around them. This movement provides the grappler utilizing the under hook with incredible control of their partner and is an essential tool in grappling and wrestling.  

Another term that needs to be discussed although it is not used during every class is the “whizzer.” The whizzer has a strong association to the under hook in that it is a common defensive reaction. A whizzer is when someone being under-hooked uses their arm to wrap over and around the under hook arm. Although it is not always good, it is often a decent initial defense to the under hook and can be used for many techniques.

The next term I want to discuss is “hooks.” If you have ever watched a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu match, you may have heard someone telling someone to “put their hooks in.” Hooking is essentially the use of one’s feet to increase control over their opponent. The most common type of hook is when someone establishes back control against someone and uses their foot to control the defender’s legs. One of the other common hooks is a butterfly hook, which is when the foot is used to maneuver one’s opponent in various guards, most notably butterfly guard.  

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In order to understand Jiu Jitsu, it is vital to be able to understand the language used to communicate various aspects of the sport. The last thing you want if your coach is yelling at you to put your hooks in during a match is to not know what hooks are. If you know a brand new student, I recommend teaching them these terms or at least recommending them these pieces as it can be an excellent introduction to the world of the gentle art.

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