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Prodigies: BJJ Black Belts In Under Four Years!



The journey to become a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a long one. For most people, getting a BJJ black belt takes the same amount of time that it takes to become a lawyer. It’s a journey filled with ups, downs, triumphs and defeats. But for a very small few, this journey is a quick one. That small group consists of prodigies. Those prodigies have gotten there BJJ black belt in under four years. In what seems to be an almost impossible task, they have done so, and do so very quickly. There is the elite group of practitioners who have gotten their black belts in under four years. While there are some exceptional human beings in BJJ that have gotten their black belt quickly, here are three that truly excel.

Geo Martinez –

Geo Martinez is one of the new school grapplers who excel in the competitive sub only format tournaments and matches across the world. He is the bantamweight champion at the Eddie Bravo Invitational and placed fourth at the 2015 ADCC tournament. Geo, started off as a top notch break-dancer in California. He soon found Jiu Jitsu at Eddie Bravo’s 10th Planet school. He fell in love with the system and excelled in it, partially due to his break-dancing background. In just three years, Eddie Bravo himself awarded Geo his black belt. Truly inspirational. Geo is an exciting grappler who is a master of the truck position commonly used in the 10th Planet system.

Caio Terra –

Caio Terra is one of the best champions in the world when it comes to both gi and no gi BJJ. He is considered the best competitor to ever compete in the rooster-weight category. Originally as a teen, Caio’s mother signed him up for BJJ and he did not even want to train! He was a terror as a blue belt and after a match against future rival, Bruno Malfacine, he decided that he wanted BJJ to be his life and career. Caio decimated the Brazilian scene and would go on to dominate the World’s, the Pan Am’s and other big tournaments. Reylson Gracie would promote him in just three short years. In addition to being one of the world’s best competitors, he is also an outstanding teacher with a great network of schools, headed by other great black belts.

Travis Stevens –

Travis Stevens is a huge name in the grappling world. He is an outstanding Judo black belt, a silver medalist in the Olympics and a BJJ black belt under the one and only, John Danaher. Stevens rise to black belt is the quickest, possibly in the history of the art. Stevens went from white belt to blue belt in just a few short weeks. Then blue belt to purple belt in a month. After that, he went from purple belt to brown belt in a few months. And finally, he was promoted to black belt in 2013 after only 18 months! Truly amazing for such a gifted martial artist and athlete. Travis mixes his Judo and BJJ into one devastating style of attack both with the perfected throws of Judo and ground work of BJJ from John Danaher.

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