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The berimbolo has become an extremely popular position. Almost every academy has a couple of guys who love to berimbolo and it can be very difficult to deal with. Why is it so difficult to deal with? There are so many minor details that just missing one inch can cause your back to be taken. The first step to defending something as complicated as the berimbolo is to learn the position. Check out our articles “Berimbolo for People who don’t Berimbolo,” and "Ways to Make Your Berimbolo Strong". These are great resources for anyone who needs to learn the position. There are...

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Escapes may be the secret weapon to a dominant offense.  When your opponent is constantly attacking you and you manage to escape, you may be able to use the element of surprise and capitalize.  Sometimes, your opponent may be so focused on submitting you that when you escape, they don’t have a guard established.  Some people in the Jiu Jitsu community have been notorious for escapes such as Garry Tonon, Dean Lister, and Jeff Glover.  All of these are among the best grapplers in the world and let their opponents put them in bad positions to escape and counter.  Check...

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Being a guard player can be very tedious.  One of the best weapons a guard player can use is the arm drag.  The arm drag has long been one of the best techniques in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Why is the arm drag so powerful? There are several reasons, the arm drag is extremely versatile, it is very quick, and it can be used from several guards. The arm drag can be used from virtually anywhere; Marcelo Garcia and many other Black Belt World Champions have always used the arm drag to win tournaments. Check out our article “Why the Arm...

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Developing a good guard passing game is one of the most difficult things to do in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Guard passing is one of the most tiring, and difficult parts of bjj.  If someone has a good guard, it can be next to impossible to pass.  A good way to develop a well-rounded guard passing game is to have a conceptual approach. Guard passing concepts are important to incorporate into your game so that you can progress.  Some of the most vital guard passing concepts include, posture, pressure, and timing.  If you have good posture,  pressure, and good timing, these...

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Matt Arroyo, is an black belt in BJJ under Rob Kahn, from Florida. Matt has had stints on the Ultimate Fighter, as a fighter in the UFC and has competed in many Jiu Jitsu tournaments, particularly in no gi. While primarily known as a back attack specialist, with a great deal of knowledge in leg […]

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