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Many people have difficulty passing peoples guards in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Passing someone’s guard may be the most difficult part of bjj.  If you get a guy with a good open guard that is long and flexible it can be so hard to beat them and pass their guard.  One of the best ways to nullify a flexible and long guard player’s game is by forcing the half guard.  This is a great way to beat a lot of open guards as well.  Many of the best BJJ competitors in the world like to force half guard to ultimately pass...

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The half guard is one of the most popular guards in bjj and MMA.  Learning how to deal with the half guard is imperative for progression in bjj.  Half guard is one of the first guards that is taught when starting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Dealing with a good half guard player can be extremely difficult. There are some principles you can apply to deal with and pass almost any half guard.  First, you will need to establish an underhook, you will want to get a cross face and go chest to chest to knee slide.  These are fundamental concepts to...

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Recently, we wrote post on the power of the underhook, if you’d like to check it out, click here, today we are going to discuss the power of the cross face.  The cross face and the underhook go extremely well hand in hand, they supplement each other.  The cross face can also replace the necessity of an underhook when applied correctly, just as the underhook can replace the necessity of a cross face if applied correctly. The underhook has a variety of uses from the bottom and the top, but the cross face is a more applicable weapon when passing...

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The underhook is an extremely important element to almost all Jiu Jitsu positions.  It is an effective tool from standing positions as well as guard and passing positions.  Learning when an underhook is necessary is extremely beneficial for a Jiu Jitsu Practitioners growth. The underhook will help negate size and may be able to slow down the pace of a match, check out our article on “how the half guard can negate size and weight advantages.” to learn more. The power of the underhook is one of the key components to the half guard from bottom and top, it is...

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Half guard players can be a tricky bunch. One wrong move and all of a sudden you are flipped over onto your back and getting crushed. Half guard players are usually excellent sweeping specialists who heavily rely on the under hook. The under hook gives a half guard specialist their power and their ability to […]

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