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When it comes to the half guard, people usually either love it or hate it. The most common issue I hear about it (usually from lower belts) is that the sweeps are too difficult to perform. While I do believe that half guard sweeps are a little more intensive than closed guard sweeps, I wouldn’t […]

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The half guard is one of the first guards many bjj practitioners are introduced to.  Half guard has long been one of the most famous guards and has been proven effective at the highest levels of competition by the likes of Bernardo Faira, Demian Maia, and Lucas Leite.  They all have their own take on half guard. Half guard is one of the best positions to learn because it is relatively simple; it is efficient, and effective.  There are some principles that you should always follow when playing half guard and if you follow these principles, you can use half...

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Takedowns are one of the most crucial aspects of bjj, but, unfortunately, they are also one of the most neglected aspects of bjj.  Many people overlook the benefits of establishing a good takedown game and fail to develop their takedowns.  This may be attributed to the competition mentality of pulling guard.  So many people today pull guard, so why learn takedowns?  There is a common misconception with utilizing takedowns.  Many people assume they are just a way to get your opponent to the ground, but takedowns are extremely important for developing your guard.  Many high level sweeps utilize takedowns like...

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The half guard is one of the first guards you learn.  The half guard may be the simplest and most effective guard in bjj.  It is one of the best guards for smaller guys to sweep their opponents or for bigger guys to minimize their use of strength. Half guard is extremely beneficial for self-defense, MMA, and sport Jiu Jitsu.  Half guard is also an extremely versatile position because it is equally effective in both gi and nogi.  The half guard has a few principles you can apply while using it to make it simple and effective.  You need to...

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The underhook is an extremely important element to almost all Jiu Jitsu positions.  It is an effective tool from standing positions as well as guard and passing positions.  Learning when an underhook is necessary is extremely beneficial for a Jiu Jitsu Practitioners growth. The underhook will help negate size and may be able to slow down the pace of a match, check out our article on “how the half guard can negate size and weight advantages.” to learn more. The power of the underhook is one of the key components to the half guard from bottom and top, it is...

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