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Defending and escaping the heel hook can be one of the most intimidating things in bjj.  Lately, leg locks have exploded in popularity because of the increase in submission only tournaments like EBI.  Many people are starting to learn heel hooks earlier than ever and you need to be able to deal with them.  Many people are very fearful of heel hooks because they assume if they get caught in them that it may be late and that their ligaments may already be damaged.  This is untrue. You can get caught in a heel hook and still have time to...

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In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu it is extremely important to have confidence in your escapes.  An aggressive offence will stem from a confident defense.  In bjj, in order to establish a good defense, you have to know your escapes.  Some people notoriously say in order to escape a submission you have to not get caught in one, but that’s easier said than done.  Let’s face it, we all get submitted and it’s okay, it’s part of Jiu Jitsu.  In order to avoid getting tapped out, you have to know technical escapes.  This is an area of bjj that is rarely trained...

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