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If you’re not already familiar with Henry Akins you should familiarize yourself with him. The Rickson Gracie black belt has grown in popularity over the past few years teaching the concept based fundamental “invisible” jiu jitsu style that he learned from his teacher.  The idea is simple enough: when jiu jitsu practitioners are shown moves either […]

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A big part of what makes jiu jitsu so special is that it allows a smaller more technical practitioner to overcome a larger, stronger but less technical person.  While size not mattering is a myth, because generally between two people of similar skill level the larger, stronger person will tend to be victorious, jiu jitsu […]

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There are few who display the potential of modern jiu jitsu like Leandro Lo.  The Cicero Costha black belt is considered by many one of the pound for pound kings of jiu jitsu because of his ability to win in whatever weight class he enters and his ability to put on strong showings in absolute […]

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