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Bjj has long been notorious for neglecting proper stand up training.  Judo on the other hand is notorious for being one of the best martial arts for stand up.  Cross training Judo and Bjj can make you one of the most dangerous people around.  Judo can accelerate your growth in bjj in so many different ways.  There are so many similarities between the two forms of grappling. There has long been a debate in the bjj community, on which form of grappling is better to cross train, Judo or Wrestling. Long story short they both have amazing benefits and it...

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You show up for class like any other day, change into your rashguard and gi and head onto the mats to stretch a bit because you're early.  As you casually stretch out your hamstrings and inner thighs, you overhear your Coach telling another student, "We're gonna work some takedowns tonight.  Gonna start some matches from the feet." Start from the feet?  What in the "Rafa Mendes" is that?  You're only on your first three months of BJJ, so every match or roll you've had has started from the knees.  Or maybe you've been attending class for quite some time and...

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There are some take downs that BJJ people say won’t work. Some of those people get the idea that those techniques will only work in other competitions such as Sambo or Judo. But that is ignorance. Every single Judo throw can be adapted for BJJ use. But to many BJJ practitioners have a superiority complex, […]

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The sumi gaeshi is one of the excellent throwing techniques from the art of Judo. It is a sacrifice throw, which means that even though you’re throwing your opponent, that you will go down as well. But just because it is a sacrifice throw does not mean it should be ignored. Sacrifice throws can be […]

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In the past, I have mentioned how much the Georgian grip can change the dynamic of a throw. This grip allows for you to not only break the posture of the people you’re facing, but also allows you to have total control of where he can go. This time, I want to go over a […]

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