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The kimura has long been one of the best submissions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts.  We have seen people that have a high percentage of success with this attack in the top levels of the UFC and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitions.  One of the most common misconceptions with the kimura is that this is only a submission, contrary to popular belief the kimura can also be used as a transitional position, control grip, and yes of course a submission. The lineage of the kimura dates back to helio Gracie’s historic and legendary match against the Japanese Judo...

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The kimura is one of the most dominant submissions in bjj.  The kimura can be used as a submission or you can use it as a position.  The kimura grip is extremely versatile and can be used from several different places. One of the best places to use the kimura is from the closed guard.  This is one of the first submissions many people learn from closed guard but it is difficult to master. The kimura from closed guard can be used to submit your opponent or you can use it to set up other attacks and from other attacks. ...

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Playing half guard from the bottom can be a very powerful addition to your guard game as you will be able to stop guard passes, withstand incredible pressure, initiate base destroying sweeps, and even launch deadly submissions. The bottom hook The bottom leg, or hook not only secures a hold on the opponent, but also is integral for the mobility of your half guard.  Through proper control you will be able to prevent guard passes and by using the bottom hook to effectively position your hips underneath the hips of the opponent their base will become compromised and sweeps will...

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The kimura is often perceived solely as a submission.  In reality, the kimura is so much more.  The grip is extremely powerful and can be used for submissions, sweeps, back takes, passing, and even more than that.  The kimura grip is one of the most versatile positions in bjj. Why do so many people use the kimura grip?  Because it provides so much leverage and opportunity, the kimura grips is an incredible way to control your opponent.  Check out our article “Using the Kimura Grip to Control your Opponent.”  Today, we discuss using the kimura primarily as a back take. ...

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The kimura is one of the most dynamic submissions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Entire systems have been developed using the kimura grip as their base.  It is a mainstay in every high level competitors aresenal. If you want to further understand the versatility of the kimura as a position and as a submission, check out our article at BJJ Fanatics on the kimura here.  In the video below, ADCC and UFC veteran Tom DeBlass adds some crucial details to the kimura from half guard that you may not be aware of.  In this video, Tom is wearing a Gi, but...

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