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The kimura is one of the most dominant submissions in bjj.  The kimura can be used as a submission or you can use it as a position.  The kimura grip is extremely versatile and can be used from several different places. One of the best places to use the kimura is from the closed guard.  This is one of the first submissions many people learn from closed guard but it is difficult to master. The kimura from closed guard can be used to submit your opponent or you can use it to set up other attacks and from other attacks. ...

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The kimura is often perceived solely as a submission.  In reality, the kimura is so much more.  The grip is extremely powerful and can be used for submissions, sweeps, back takes, passing, and even more than that.  The kimura grip is one of the most versatile positions in bjj. Why do so many people use the kimura grip?  Because it provides so much leverage and opportunity, the kimura grips is an incredible way to control your opponent.  Check out our article “Using the Kimura Grip to Control your Opponent.”  Today, we discuss using the kimura primarily as a back take. ...

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The Kimura is one of the most popular submissions in bjj and MMA.  It is an extremely versatile submission with hundreds of set-ups.  The Kimura can be used in gi, nogi, MMA, from bottom, and from top.  Developing a good Kimura will expedite your growth in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. When first learning the Kimura, many people assume it is just a submission, as you grow your Kimura game, you will learn that it is much more. You can use the Kimura as a submission or submission entry, as a counter attack, and as a control position to sweep or control...

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The kimura trap is a popular way of attacking these days. While it is usually done from the half guard or knee shield position, it is also available from the good ole closed guard. While it does not use the leg over the shoulder as the half guard version, it is an awesome way of […]

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