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One of the most feared aspects of grappling is the leg submission and defense game.  Some grappling practitioners never step into the world of the leg and foot attacks.  Though times are changing and more and more schools are beginning to open their minds to teaching leg locks,. they still carry a stigma that will probably last for a number of more years.  The increase in the number of No Gi and submission only style of competition continues to bring attention to these powerful and creative leg submissions. Dean Lister has been a grappling and jiu jitsu pioner at the...

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One of the very first techniques I learned on the jiu jitsu mats was the armlock.  Simple, straight-forward and one of the most commonly used submissions. Over the years, I've seen or been instructed on countless variations of this foundational submission attack.  Conversely, it would be many years before I was exposed to a technique that attacks the leg in a very similar way by trapping the limb, controlling its rotation and exerting pressure at either side of the knee joint instead of the elbow in the case of the arm lock.  Why did it take so long for me...

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