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There are probably as many opinions about how to get good at jiu jitsu as there are current practitioners out there on the mats.  So why do so many people who put on a gi or step on the mat for the first time, never make it to the sought after black belt?  While it can be debated endlessly that there are legitimate reasons to stop jiu jitsu, I think the majority of people stop because of frustration.  Modern society is currently built on the notion of instant gratification.  We lead such arguably busy lives that unless something pays off...

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Like most things in jiu jitsu, passing the opponent's guard seems simple on paper.  I'm just trying to get around their legs, right?  Much easier said than done.  There are so many things to consider and be wary of as you attempt to pass the opponent's guard.  How do I deal with their hooks (feet and ankles)?  How do I nullify the strength of their legs and get them out of my way?  How do I traverse those dangerous waters around their hips where they can very easily scoop under and reverse me?  And what about the use of their...

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Developing a good guard passing game is one of the most difficult things to do in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Guard passing is one of the most tiring, and difficult parts of bjj.  If someone has a good guard, it can be next to impossible to pass.  A good way to develop a well-rounded guard passing game is to have a conceptual approach. Guard passing concepts are important to incorporate into your game so that you can progress.  Some of the most vital guard passing concepts include, posture, pressure, and timing.  If you have good posture,  pressure, and good timing, these...

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The cross choke is one of the first gi chokes that you learn in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Many people say that “it is the first choke you learn and the last one that you master.”  Bjj has a multitude of different gi chokes, but the cross choke is one of, if not, the most powerful and versatile choke. The cross choke has several benefits; one of the biggest of them, is the fact that it can be applied from a variety of different positions.  Some of those include full mount, side control, knee on belly, bottom half guard, top half...

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This past weekend was a huge one for Leandro Lo. Lo competed at the 2017 European Open, deciding to compete in both the 94kg and absolute divisions. What would occur can only be called domination. Leandro took first place not only in the 94kg division, defeating Tanner Rice by armbar, but also took first place […]

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