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One of the most underrated submissions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the wrist lock.  It is not commonly taught, and severely underutilized.  If you put time into learning this incredible submission you will find that the wrist lock presents itself from so many positions. Wrist locks are extremely versatile; they can be used in gi, nogi, from guard, passing, and several other positions.  Wrist locks are sneaky, simple, and effective. So many people don’t see them coming and they come on extremely fast. Sneaky Benefits of Wrist Locks One of the best benefits of the wrist lock is that it...

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The half guard is one of the first guards many bjj practitioners are introduced to.  Half guard has long been one of the most famous guards and has been proven effective at the highest levels of competition by the likes of Bernardo Faira, Demian Maia, and Lucas Leite.  They all have their own take on half guard. Half guard is one of the best positions to learn because it is relatively simple; it is efficient, and effective.  There are some principles that you should always follow when playing half guard and if you follow these principles, you can use half...

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The triangle choke has long been one of the best submissions in Brazilian jiu jitsu.  What makes the triangle such a powerful attack?  The triangle is one of the most versatile submissions in bjj. You can use it in gi, no gi, and MMA.  Like the arm bar it is one of the oldest submissions, we recently wrote an article on the “arm bar versatility” check it out if arm bars suit you better. The triangle can be used from guard, while passing or standing, and once you’ve passed.  There are triangle entries and set ups from virtually everywhere, the...

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There are so many sources of great information on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu out there today and they continue to grow and expand every day.  Let's look at some of the most common sources of information and one that perhaps is not commonly thought of but is no less important and should not be overlooked. Your direct instructor Your direct instructor is the person who teaches the majority of the classes you attend. They may also be the owner/operator of the academy you attend.  Your direct instructor should be your primary resource for questions about techniques and your own development.  Your...

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I’ve heard it said that with training, like anything else, quality is always more important than quantity.  But how does one get the highest quality training?  There are some methods that will help you make sense of the techniques you learn on a day by day basis and help you get more out of your […]

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