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Recently in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu there has been a revolution.  Many people are starting to incorporate lower body attacks more and more.  Decades ago it was frowned upon to attack the lower body in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  There is an infamous story with 10th Planet founder, Eddie Bravo, where he was competing as a purple belt and he went for a toe hold.  The crowd began to boo him and yell, some even say that they threw things at him.  This was a little over a decade ago.  In martial arts terms, that is not long ago. Funny story because...

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Do you ever find yourself struggling to beat bigger and stronger opponents?  Do think it is hard to get an arm bar or triangle on someone who is much stronger than you?  Can’t keep your grips for cross chokes or bow and arrow chokes in the absolute division?  Well there are a couple of submissions that work extremely well for larger and stronger opponents. Whenever you are going against bigger and stronger people it is always wise to attack smaller joints like the foot and the wrist.  It is difficult for someone to defend their wrist or foot regardless of...

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Leg and foot locks have long carried an air of controversy which continues to this day.  The murky history of the development and subversion of the leg game allegedly begins with the legendary rivalry between the Gracie's and the branch of the jiu jitsu family tree headed up by Luiz Franca.  The story goes that Oswalda Fadda and his group of students challenged Helio Gracie and his top students to challenge matches.  Legend tells us that the Fadda group with it's knowledge and use of foot locks defeated many of the Gracie students.  It is alleged that this was the...

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Luiz Panza is a black world champion and one of the most exciting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitors on the mats today. Though he has yet to develop the name recognition of some of the superstars and luminaries of the BJJ world, that is due to change very soon. Panza, a former model, traded in modeling and corporate career to dedicate himself to the jiu jitsu competitive scene only relatively recently.  Known for his devastating straight ankle locks or 'botinhas', this Checkmat BJJ fighter is a name that is guaranteed to grow in popularity and recognition as his game develops.  In...

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