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The half guard is one of the most popular guards in bjj and MMA.  Learning how to deal with the half guard is imperative for progression in bjj.  Half guard is one of the first guards that is taught when starting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Dealing with a good half guard player can be extremely difficult. There are some principles you can apply to deal with and pass almost any half guard.  First, you will need to establish an underhook, you will want to get a cross face and go chest to chest to knee slide.  These are fundamental concepts to...

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The half guard is one of the first guards you learn.  The half guard may be the simplest and most effective guard in bjj.  It is one of the best guards for smaller guys to sweep their opponents or for bigger guys to minimize their use of strength. Half guard is extremely beneficial for self-defense, MMA, and sport Jiu Jitsu.  Half guard is also an extremely versatile position because it is equally effective in both gi and nogi.  The half guard has a few principles you can apply while using it to make it simple and effective.  You need to...

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Every world class jiu jitsu competitor has a particular style or technique they are known for and makes up the foundation of their BJJ game.  Lucas Leite is a multiple time world jiu jitsu champion who fights for the Checkmat affiliation under Professor Leo Vieira.  He is also well known for putting his own signature and flair on the half guard position.  These are four facts about him that every fan and practitioner should know. 1. Lucas Leite began training under the legendary Ryan Gracie As a twelve year old, Lucas began training under the legendary Ryan Gracie.  He trained...

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When one looks at the majority of high level jiujiteiros, often and surprisingly the half guard is the guard of choice.  The half guard may not appear to be a dominant guard to a layman or a beginner, but as a guard it has inherent and innate advantages that are often overlooked. For starters, the half guard allows the guard player to use all 4 limbs against a single limb.  Closed guard involves two limbs against all four limbs, spider 2 on one, etc.  Half guard is one of the very few positions that allows the jiujiteiro to attack a...

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So…you have finally decided to work on your half guard. You see some of the absolute baddest dudes in Jiu Jitsu with killer half guards. Bernardo Faria, Jeff Glover and Lucas Leite all use the half guard to its best potential. And honestly, it shows. The question then comes to mind, how can you improve […]

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