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The straight foot lock is one of the best submissions to learn when someone is just getting started with the leg attack game.  Though like most techniques, there are many nuances that can make it extremely complicated to perfect, the overarching principles can be understood rather quickly and put into practice allowing one to see moderate success without endless drilling or needless complex movements and adjustments.  This leg attack is one that is legal in most techniques for the majority of belt levels, so it's definitely a great way to start early and practice often to ensure that you perfect...

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Luiz Panza is a black world champion and one of the most exciting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitors on the mats today. Though he has yet to develop the name recognition of some of the superstars and luminaries of the BJJ world, that is due to change very soon. Panza, a former model, traded in modeling and corporate career to dedicate himself to the jiu jitsu competitive scene only relatively recently.  Known for his devastating straight ankle locks or 'botinhas', this Checkmat BJJ fighter is a name that is guaranteed to grow in popularity and recognition as his game develops.  In...

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Leg locks are quickly becoming the most popular choice of submissions in both the gi and in nogi, they are even becoming more prevalent in MMA.  What makes the leg lock such a popular choice of submission?  Why is it becoming a necessity to understand them? Leg locks are simply becoming so popular because they are effective, efficient, and present themselves more often than any other submission.  They are an extremely versatile submission because they work in gi, nogi and MMA.  There are also several different Leg attacks available, and you can connect one to another very well. Leg Locks...

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The X Guard can be an excellent weapon. It is a high percentage sweeping guard, with submission possibilities. It is also one of the few guards that works even better when your opponent is bigger than you. If you do not know how to defend against the X Guard, then you will have a very […]

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Luiz Panza is one of the big up and coming stars of the IBJJF black belt circuit. Panza, who is a black belt from the world famous Checkmat has beaten some of the world’s best and won some of the biggest tournaments in Jiu Jitsu. He is particularly known for his use of the closed […]

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