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Understanding Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is so much more than being able to perform an almost endless array of techniques, it is being able to take this practical knowledge and develop a gameplan or pathway that allows you to progress your position and ultimately put you in a place where a submission can be achieved. In the video below, Marcelo Garcia black belt and high level competitor Matheus Diniz shows an effective knee cut or knee slice pass and transition to katagatame or an arm triangle choke.  Along the way, he shares crucial details and concepts that will help improve your...

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The butterfly sweep has long been one of the most simple and effective sweeps in bjj.  The butterfly sweep is one of the first sweeps many bjj practitioners will learn and is one of the most underrated sweeps.  Marcelo Garcia is infamous for utilizing the butterfly sweep at the highest levels of competition and displaying the effectiveness. The butterfly sweep is very effective for several reasons, it is extremely versatile, it is applicable from various positions and it is an aggressive move that can set several other positions up.  The butterfly sweep is often overlooked because of the simplicity but...

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The story of David and Goliath has many theological meanings.  But the battle between the stronger, Goliath and the smaller, weaker David has taken on a more popularized and secular meaning and is used to describe any scenario where a smaller, perhaps weaker individual triumphs against the odds and becomes the victorious underdog.  This metaphor can be seen as the over arching theme of the entire history of jiu jitsu. The story goes that one of the pioneers of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Grandmaster Helio Gracie was one of the smallest and weakest of his brothers and adapted the teachings of...

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 In the world of frustrating positions, being caught in North/South by a strong, knowledgeable opponent or training partner can be one of the most deadly positions you can find yourself in.  It's bad in so many ways.  First off you're flat on the back.  Secondly, your opponent may or may not be controlling one or more of your arms.  Lastly, with minimal effort the opponent will be able to wrap their arms around your neck which at the bare minimum just plain sucks whether they have a good choke arsenal or not. In the videos below, we have champions and...

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Back mount is arguably the most dominating of BJJ positions that exists.  From a self defense perspective, the person who's back has been taken has arguably the least amount of weapons or counters against the position.  Sure I can try to grab or punch at the person on my back's face, but they can easily protect themselves by staying tight and protecting their face behind my head. From a competition standpoint, the back position is one of the most highly rewarded with full back mount with both legs or hooks in controlling the opponent's hips being awarded 4 points.  In...

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