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The mount is considered one of the supreme positions in BJJ.  From a street-ready perspective, few places to be can be more frightening than having someone's full weight on your chest and torso, with the ability to rain punches down upon your face.  In sport jiu jitsu, the position can be equally as dangerous as the top player who has mounted their opponent needs to expend relatively little energy maintaining the position once achieved.    By staying high on the opponents chest with the knees moving towards the armpits, they will also keep themselves at a safe distance in relation to...

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From the very first BJJ class we take, we are taught that the mount is one of the most powerful positions is the top mount position.  As good as that looks and sounds on paper, think about the first time you ever found yourself mounted on a training partner.  How secure did you feel?  That first mount take was probably as sturdy as a house of cards.  A light breeze could have probably swept you. Over time, you have learned a few key concepts that have made your mount better and better.  Things such as staying has high into the...

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Chokes from the mount position are some of the most devastating and high percentage techniques that one can employ in their game.   If you are able to effectively keep yourself perched on top of someone's solar plexus and upper body, while manipulating your grips, you will be a force to reckon with, because after a certain point, the chance of escape dwindles exponentially with every second and minor adjustment that you make. For more on the the power and effectiveness of the cross choke style of gi choke, check out this piece from BJJ Fanatics.  It will have you choking out...

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The standard mount and back mount positions are usually seen as the most dominant of all positions in jiu jitsu.  Both afford a wide variety of attack options for chokes and various limb attacks.  These two positions have the most value in terms of BJJ point competitions, with each earning 4 points in the majority of competitions.   It can be argued that side mount or side control is a more dominating and more devastating position for a few reasons as described below: Less Concern for the Hips In standard mount, ideally my knees are as high up in the...

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