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Tom DeBlass is one of the most beloved BJJ competitors, instructors and coaches out there today.  With a perfect blend of world class technique and instruction, along with life changing motivational wisdom and fitness advice, he currently finds himself sought for seminars and speaking engagements booking them years in advance now.  Known for always being accessible to not only his nearly 350 students at his home academy, Ocean County Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and the thousands of students that make up his growing affiliation of 10 schools, but to also the average BJJ practitioner who simply needs a word or two...

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Tis the season to be spending too much time shopping and eating fast food rather than taking care of yourself and your health.  It's okay, you think, the next 30 days or so will be meaningless when I set my 2018 New Years Resolutions and completely change my life and start working out 6 days a week, eating zero carbs, achieving my black belt in BJJ and writing that great American novel I've been planning to write for a while now.  Can I do all of those things I plan to do?  Absolutely.  But is it likely that someone will...

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If you have been training BJJ for even a week, you know challenging it can be, but also how rewarding physically and mentally.  It is an amazing martial art and sport that introduces you to a wide variety of new friends who are on the same journey as you.  Quickly, you will probably have discovered that it's so much more than just an activity that you do 2-3 times a week.  You find yourself thinking about techniques at work or at school and thinking of new ways to inject the sport into your life. Soon you will begin to see...

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Life moves at a breakneck pace.  Between school, careers, and family responsibilities there can sometimes seem to be very little time for activities or hobbies like BJJ.  There always seems to be something pulling us away from activities the world may see as frivolous.  This also goes for taking care of ourselves from a nutritional perspective.  There are millions of choices out there that aren't always the best and they prey on the fact that we are in a rush or seemingly too stressed to make good choices.  At the end of the day, we must be advocates for ourselves...

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It seems that there are as many approaches to diet and nutrition as there are Gracie family members.  Take a look at the local bookstore or on Amazon and you will find literally thousands of books on the topic.  Google the word "diet" and you'll find nearly 700,000,000 hits.  It is easy to find oneself lost in the jungle of nutrition advice.  Where should you start if you are training BJJ and looking to support yourself through proper nutrition?  Though here at BJJ Fanatics, we don't advocate any specific nutritional approach, there are some key questions that you need to...

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