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Transitioning from gi to no gi can be a very intimidating thing. Many people who practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu primarily in the gi have a hard time going from gi to no gi sometimes. This is because they are used to grabbing the kimono for so many things. Some people may even use the kimono to play certain guards like spider guard, worm guard, lasso guard, and other grip dependent guards. Other people may be used to the gi for submissions such as the bow and arrow, the baseball bat, or the cross choke. When you are used to having...

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Tis the Season!  Christmas is around the corner and many of us are guilty of putting off our holiday shopping until the last days! Stores are selling out, people are going crazy and gifts are getting harder to find.  Many of us have to work overtime for the holidays and it can be difficult to find the time to go out and get gifts for all of our loved ones.  Sometimes ordering things online can also be busy during the holiday season and it can be anxiety inducing to put your hopes on your packages being delivered on time! So...

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There are probably as many opinions about how to get good at jiu jitsu as there are current practitioners out there on the mats.  So why do so many people who put on a gi or step on the mat for the first time, never make it to the sought after black belt?  While it can be debated endlessly that there are legitimate reasons to stop jiu jitsu, I think the majority of people stop because of frustration.  Modern society is currently built on the notion of instant gratification.  We lead such arguably busy lives that unless something pays off...

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Passing is one of the hardest parts of bjj.  There are some people whose guards are so good that it is nearly impossible to ever pass.  One of the most frustrating aspects of bjj is attempting to pass the guard, especially when you are just starting out.  One of the first passes that you will ever learn is the knee slice, it is also one of the last passes that you ever master. The knee slice seems simple when you learn it, but as you progress, it can become an extremely technical pass and something that you use against so...

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The over under pass is one of the most effective guard passes that should be in your arsenal.  By stapling your opponent's body to the mat with shoulder pressure in their diaphragm, while maintaining control of both sides of their hips with an over grip on one side and an under grip around their legs you are able to maintain incredible smashing pressure while giving them no space or ability to shift those hips and create space alleviating the pressure.  Once the opponent has been immobilized, you are able to tripod your hips up and move freely to manipulate their...

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