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One of the single most frustrating positions to be caught in would be someone's closed guard.  The opponent has the strongest part of their body, their hips and their legs wrapped around you controlling your potential escapes and also maintaining a safe distance and preventing you from coming forward.  There seem to be endless traps for you to fall into, from having your lapel or your sleeves controlled and your posture broken.  You literally have zero attacks and must constantly be on the defense and looking for a way out. From the bottom closed guard player's perspective, what better place...

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Everyone who is into competition jiu jitsu knows that Bernardo Faria has taken his seat as the king of IBJJF competition, winning several absolute titles over the past few years and truly cementing himself as an all time great.  He is known for his pressure as well as his effective guard game, an all around menace […]

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