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Controlling the hips is paramount in so many aspects of bjj.  You need to control the hips to maintain side control, back position, mount, and to play guard or pass your opponent’s guard.  Controlling the hips and moving your hips may be the most important thing in bjj. Why is hip movement and control so essential?  The hips carry the body and are one of the most powerful muscles.  If you can control your opponent’s hips, you can establish much better control over him and leverage for attacks. Hip Control and Maintaining Side, Mount, and Back Hip control may be...

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The upa escape. The upa escape is the first mount escape that any white belt should learn. It is a completely fundamental escape that allows its user to get out of a horrible position and go into his opponent’s guard to work a pass. The thing is, when first learning the upa, you might be […]

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