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The D'Arce choke is one of the most popular chokes in the family of head and arm triangle variations.  The history of the technique and how it got the name D'Arce choke is an interesting study in the ever changing language of jiu jitsu.  A relative of the brabo choke who's development is attributed to the Leo Vieira in the early 2000's and was primarily a gi choke in which someone can use a far reaching lapel grip with the inside arm trapping the opponent's upper arm during a guard pass or perhaps from half guard or side control.  One's...

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The evolution of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has seen countless waves of innovative and creative techniques that will certainly continue long into the future.  The increase in focus on techniques like berimbolos and leg attacks over the last five years or so has rippled through most academies and students work to perfect their inversion skills and sharpen their ashi garamis. But at a recent training session for his academy students and affiliate instructors from all over the world, ADCC and UFC veteran Tom DeBlass shared some thoughts about how students should constantly ground their training in a basic principle. "It should be...

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Tom DeBlass is no stranger to the role of pressure in one's life.  Tom DeBlass is curently a world-class jiu jitsu competitor, a former multi-title Ring of Combat champion, Bellator and UFC veteran, a successful business owner and a leader of a growing jiu jitsu affiliation.   But Tom's life was not always filled with these successes.  As a child, he witnessed his father battle drug addiction and has lost close friends to violence. From the crushing impact of these events and his years training combat sports under the likes of Renzo Gracie and Ricardo Almeida, Tom has been able...

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