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Let's talk about one of the unsung heroes of our BJJ journey, one of the most misunderstood parts of why we get on the mats everyday, sweating, drilling and competing with our training partners, our opponents and our own minds.  We're talking about ego, the much maligned part of us that gets blamed for a lot of the bad things that happen in the world.  There is a classic cliche about martial arts that says when you walk into the academy, you should "leave your ego at the door."  We've all been told from white belt on that we've got...

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The subject of training at different academies is a hot topic in BJJ.  Some schools and instructors take a more strict approach to their students visiting and taking classes with other instructors and are actually against it, while others are much more liberal and encourage their students to visit other schools.  Training at other academies can take on a variety of forms from informal to more formal.  An informal training session might be visiting an open mat that welcomes other affiliations, while a more formal situation might be attending a seminar with an instructor, and with the most formal being...

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   Rodrigo Cavaca's closed guard is a venus fly trap - once you are in there, he uses the gi so well that you might as well just tap.  In the video below, he shows a beautiful series you can use if your opponent tries to stand:     Cavaca himself is a BJJ legend.  He has won multiple world titles when he was old enough to compete in the masters divisions, he has over 200 affiliate schools and he brought the greatest Jiu-Jitsu competitor ever, Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida - from white belt to world champion black belt.      Closed Guard...

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Rodrigo Cavaca is the best guy int he world for footlocks in a gi - period.  He is a footlock submission machine A lot of people teach footlocks, the problem is that is a gi they are easy to defend- if  the opponent grabs your sleeve or lapel, you can't lean back and put enough pressure on his lower leg to get the submission.  Cavaca has a very nice fix for this. In this video, Cavaca shows 2 options to always get the footlock. Remember that when you have footlocks in your game - all of your rolls and matches...

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When you pull your opponent into closed guard, it should be the ultimate advantage - even moreso than side control or mount?  Why?  Because you control his posture and you possess way more leverage than he does: your legs control his body and unlike mount - the ground isn't in the way of them manipulating his body...    Rodrigo Cavaca has one of the greatest closed guards on the planet. Cavaca himself is a BJJ legend.  He has won multiple world titles when he was old enough to compete in the masters divisions, he has over 200 affiliate schools and he...

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