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Side control is one of the most dominant positions in bjj, we work so hard to achieve this position by passing the guard or getting a sweep.  Passing the guard is one of the most difficult things in bjj and if we pass, we need to be able to solidify and submit.  Side control is one of the best places to submit your opponent.  Some people actually believe that side control offers your more options for submission then full mount or the back.   Side control is often over looked and some people perceive it as a transitional position. For instance,...

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Side control is one of the most powerful controlling positions in the entire jiu jitsu lexicon of techniques.  The ability of the top player to inflict the full force of his or her bodyweight on the torso and limbs of the bottom player while keeping the powerful hips at a safe distance makes it a very versatile and safe position for the top player. In a standard side control, the top player's knees are kept close to the opponent's hip and armpit to make sure maximum control is maintained.  This can be aided with the head control that comes from...

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You've probably heard the phrase "your BJJ game".  Someone's jiu jitsu game typically refers to the moves, techniques or positions, that a particular person tends to use in training or competition.  Though at some point we think we're going to master the art by the time we reach that coveted black belt, the sobering truth is that the immense landscape of the art makes it almost impossible for any one practitioner to master every possible technique that is out there and available to them. So should we stare into the infinite horizon ahead of us when looking at all of...

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The cross choke is one of the most powerful chokes in the gi.  It utilizes both collars and is one of the first chokes many people learn.  The cross choke is also one of the hardest chokes to master.  One of the best characteristics of the cross choke is that it is extremely versatile.  You can use the cross choke from so many different places. The cross choke is definitely worth learning because it works from bottom in several places and from top.  You can use it from half guard and full guard on bottom and you can use it...

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 In the world of frustrating positions, being caught in North/South by a strong, knowledgeable opponent or training partner can be one of the most deadly positions you can find yourself in.  It's bad in so many ways.  First off you're flat on the back.  Secondly, your opponent may or may not be controlling one or more of your arms.  Lastly, with minimal effort the opponent will be able to wrap their arms around your neck which at the bare minimum just plain sucks whether they have a good choke arsenal or not. In the videos below, we have champions and...

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