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Takedowns are one of the biggest parts of grappling. In Jiu Jitsu, they are not emphasized as much because of the guard pull.  There is a common misconception with takedowns.  People assume takedowns are only necessary for getting your opponent down from a standing position.  People assume that take downs are only part of the standing aspect of bjj and are only utilized when both opponents are standing. Take downs are primarily used from standing but enhancing your take downs will also assist you with your guard game. How will take downs help your guard?  They will give you more...

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Takedowns are a critical part of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  In order to be a well-rounded bjj practitioner, you have to be able to take your opponent down.  Bjj is widely criticized for having “butt scooters” or “guard pullers.”  Takedowns are important to know for self-defense, sport, and MMA. Three of the best takedowns for bjj are the single leg, the double leg, and the ankle pick.  These three takedowns are imperative to learn, and are all you need to bring your opponent to the ground.  The single leg and double leg are the highest percentage takedowns in bjj, MMA, and...

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The single leg take down is one of the most effective take downs in grappling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu specifically.  In our last blog post, we discussed the double leg take down and how important it is to develop a take down game to become a well-rounded Jiu Jitsu athlete, you can check it out here. The single leg take down is one of the first two take downs you would typically learn along with the double leg. The reason it is so effective is because of the fact, that, like the double leg, it presents itself very often from...

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