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Remember your old friend closed guard?  When you first started out in BJJ, it seemed so simple to wrap your legs around your training partners hips and wrap your arms around their head and they were caught in the web that was your guard.  Very quickly, you probably realized that the satisfied feeling you received holding someone in closed guard was extremely short lived. For more on the dying art of the closed guard, check out this article from BJJ Fanatics! All the opponent needed to do was put some pressure on your chest and upper torso, creating a tiny...

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Coming up through the jiu jitsu ranks as you develop your personal game plan you will gravitate to certain positions based on a number of factors like your body style, age, and overall athleticism.  If you are a bigger, stronger practitioner, you may find yourself more likely to gravitate towards heavy pressure passing and side control attacks where your size and strength give you the best control and ability to submit your opponents.  If you are a lighter, more flexible practitioner, perhaps inverted guard and lightning quick back takes and submissions are more in your wheelhouse. Regardless of your individual...

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Anytime someone is talking about opening or closing an opponent's guard, they are speaking about the the opponent's legs and whether or not they are wrapped around the waist and locked at the ankles, or in one of the dozens of positions that fall under the umbrella of open guard. When developing one's closed guard, the focus tends to be on placement of the legs around the opponent with the ankles locked. We can utilize a high guard with our legs wrapped around the upper back of the opponent and weighing heavy on their upper torso, or we can be...

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The arm drag is an extremely important technique to learn which opens up entries to back takes, sweeps, and even submissions.  The beauty of the arm drag is that it is one of those positions that pays incredible dividends in jiu jitus on the competition mats, but also serves a number of fundamental purposes in self defense scenarios.  By using the the misdirection inherent in the arm drag, one can put themselves in a much safer position to the side of an attacker wishing to do us harm.  The position we are looking at today in this piece is not...

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For anyone that follows the career of the inimitable Tom DeBlass, you know that he is most well-known for his No Gi competitive grappling, winning three ADCC North American Trials and multiple IBJJF titles.  But he also has a solid foundation in gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as a longtime member of Team Renzo Gracie, earning his black belt from the legendary Ricardo Almeida. One of his favorite positions is half guard, from both the top and the bottom.  It is a position that Tom has been working on and developing since he was a blue belt over 15 years ago....

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