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The guillotine is a powerful choke that can force one's opponent to tap as an air choke, a blood choke or a combination of the two.  No matter which, it is a very high percentage submission when applied properly.  The technique is often bundled or taught hand in hand with the sit over or hip bump sweep and the kimura from closed guard, because all three options are in very close proximity to each other depending how your opponent is posturing themselves up in your closed guard.  This makes the guillotine often one of the earliest techniques that someone learns...

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Understanding Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is so much more than being able to perform an almost endless array of techniques, it is being able to take this practical knowledge and develop a gameplan or pathway that allows you to progress your position and ultimately put you in a place where a submission can be achieved. In the video below, Marcelo Garcia black belt and high level competitor Matheus Diniz shows an effective knee cut or knee slice pass and transition to katagatame or an arm triangle choke.  Along the way, he shares crucial details and concepts that will help improve your...

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The knowledge of jiu jitsu has been described as being the closest thing to having super hero powers.  Navy Seal and BJJ black belt Jocko Willink has said this in the past and he should know as a former Commander of Task Unit Bruiser in Iraq and friend, training partner of Dean Lister.  While this could be argued to be a hyperbolic statement, the ability to quickly and efficiently address the movements of someone who could be larger and stronger than oneself can give a someone the idea that they indeed have magical powers.  And the longer you train, those powers can...

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The subject of training at different academies is a hot topic in BJJ.  Some schools and instructors take a more strict approach to their students visiting and taking classes with other instructors and are actually against it, while others are much more liberal and encourage their students to visit other schools.  Training at other academies can take on a variety of forms from informal to more formal.  An informal training session might be visiting an open mat that welcomes other affiliations, while a more formal situation might be attending a seminar with an instructor, and with the most formal being...

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Developing a submission game is very important for your progression in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Submissions are one of the biggest parts of bjj.  You need to develop a good guard, good passing, and good submissions to be well-rounded.  We recently wrote an article “The Fastest way to Progress in BJJ” if you’d like to check out some training strategies give it a read. Today, we discuss how to improve your submissions at a faster rate.  The quickest way to improve your submissions is to find a few submissions you like and work those.  Try to implement the Bruce Lee quote...

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