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Remember your old friend closed guard?  When you first started out in BJJ, it seemed so simple to wrap your legs around your training partners hips and wrap your arms around their head and they were caught in the web that was your guard.  Very quickly, you probably realized that the satisfied feeling you received holding someone in closed guard was extremely short lived. For more on the dying art of the closed guard, check out this article from BJJ Fanatics! All the opponent needed to do was put some pressure on your chest and upper torso, creating a tiny...

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The triangle choke is one of the most deadly and high percentage submissions in grappling.  It utilizes the powerful leg and thigh muscles to crush the opponents shoulders, neck and arm together with the hopes of cutting the blood flow off to the brain via the carotid arteries on either side of the neck. The triangle is typically one of the first submission techniques learned as a white belt and even the most casual MMA fan with little to know grappling knowledge are able to identify and understand.  So why is it one of the most difficult techniques to become...

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The triangle choke is one of the best submissions in bjj for a variety of reasons.  The Triangle is one of the most effective, versatile, and high percentage submissions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  This is one of the first submissions you learn and one of the last that you will perfect.  It has been one of the most successful submissions in gi, nogi, and MMA for years now. Why is the triangle such a powerful submission?  It often presents itself, you can set it up from other submissions, you can set other submissions up from the triangle, and it does...

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Playing half guard from the bottom can be a very powerful addition to your guard game as you will be able to stop guard passes, withstand incredible pressure, initiate base destroying sweeps, and even launch deadly submissions. The bottom hook The bottom leg, or hook not only secures a hold on the opponent, but also is integral for the mobility of your half guard.  Through proper control you will be able to prevent guard passes and by using the bottom hook to effectively position your hips underneath the hips of the opponent their base will become compromised and sweeps will...

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The Triangle choke and the arm bar are some of the best and most popular submissions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and MMA.  There is a reason why these are such high level submissions that almost any bjj practitioner does.  They are extremely effective, simple, and versatile.  Check out our article, “The Three Most Versatile Submissions” to learn more on their versatility. The triangle and arm bar are not only versatile and effective but they also supplement each other extremely well.  You can transition flawlessly from a triangle to an arm bar and from an arm bar to a triangle and...

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