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In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, there is one simple technique that opens up a collection of other techniques. One technique that can put you in a great position, regardless if you’re standing up or on the ground. That technique happens to be the arm drag. Arm drags work for everyone, no matter size or strength. The […]

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For the stand up grappling portion of BJJ, there is one grip that I really enjoy using for training in the gi. The grip is known as the Georgian grip. The Georgian grip is a style of gripping the belt, or the belt and sleeve that originally comes from Georgian wrestling. The grip eventually made […]

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Leg locks are all the rage in submission wrestling and no gi these days. With events such as EBI and Polaris showcasing competitors that are dominating the game with leg locks, people forget about one leg lock pioneer…Dean Lister. Dean Lister, a long time black belt and master of leg attacks, has had some truly […]

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For Jiu Jitsu fighters going into MMA, there are adjustments that need to be made so that they can be successful in the cage. Things like training grappling with strikes, getting your preferred no gi grips, and working with the positions that are best for the arena of mixed martial arts. One of the positions […]

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