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Tying Your Jiu Jitsu Belt



So you’ve made the fantastic decision to train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. You get your gi and your brand new white belt, but you realize that you have no clue on how to tie your belt…uh oh! Well don’t worry, this is an easy fix. It is also an important first step in your Jiu Jitsu journey. Learning how to correctly tie your belt shows respect for your teacher, your school and the art as a whole. Here are the steps to tie your belt.

– First, tuck the right side of your kimono under your left side.

– Next, take the middle of your belt and put it against the front of your kimono, right on your belly button. Make sure the ends of the belt are about even in length.

– Now, bring the ends of your belt to the middle. The right end will go down first, and the left will go over it and under the middle of the belt, getting tucked underneath. Pull the both ends to get about another even length.

– For the next step, you will do the same thing as the third step, but with right over left this time. When you pull it through, it should create a tidy, even square not. The back will be straight and even as well.

This is how I tie my belt and it is how I was taught. There are a few other styles of tying, but this one is the easiest way on how to do it. Check out the video below. It is a short and simple video restating how to tie your belt but with the added visual.

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