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Unique Coyote Half Guard Variation with Alexandre Vieira

Unique Coyote Half Guard Variation with Alexandre Vieira


Nice Variation To Your Half Guard Game!

If you don’t know, Lucas Leite has previously released an instructional on the half guard titled, “The Coyote Half Guard”. It’s filled to the brim with phenomenal content on the popular half guard position. For me, one of my biggest takeaways was how Leite uses the manipulation of his opponents’ knee to turn the dogfight position into more of a mechanical advantage for the half guard player, rather than a battle to see who pushes the other person over first. The concept of the switching of the feet that Leite has established in his amazing conquest of half guard perfection is revolutionary.

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In this video Alexandre Vieira shows a modification that he uses when working with the coyote half guard. There are lots of familiar concepts at work here, but he definitely puts a new spin on the position with his method of reversing. Check it out!

Viera begins deep under his opponent in half guard with an under hook on his partner’s far leg and the near side arm. He employs the same method of capturing the leg by trading his half guard hook for a scooping action with his top foot. Once he’s captured the leg, he uses his heel to pull it towards his butt. This is where things get a little more interesting. He then swims his bottom arm into the space between himself and his partner. The top arm finds an anchor at the belt or gi tail, anywhere a solid anchor can be established. The hand in between now wraps his partner’s thigh and cups it with the thumb down.

With all of these controls achieved he begins to threaten what may be an obvious sweep to get his partner to react. As his partner fights to maintain position this allows Viera to travel to his knees. As he gains position his partner becomes focused on flattening him back out. As this occurs, Viera uses the energy of his partner to roll under and complete a reversal.

The placement of Viera’s hands in this particular version of the sweep offers what I would assume to be superior control over the entire right side of his partners body. There’s lots of straight forward push/pull concepts to work here with some outside the box details. Great stuff from one of the best!

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