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Use Jiu Jitsu To Get In Best Shape Of Your Life

Use Jiu Jitsu To Get In Best Shape Of Your Life


Using BJJ To Get In Shape

Getting in shape can mean different things for different people. For some the goal is to increase strength. For others, losing fat is the priority. Often time people want to work out and get in shape using cardio. And for a lot of us, getting in shape means all of this. Cardio, strength, and low body fat are great goals to have in your fitness routine. But what is the best way to maximize your effort in the gym while reaching these goals? With such busy life styles, most of us have only a certain amount of time we can dedicate to our workouts. We can’t spend hours and hours at the gym working on different training methods to reach our daily fitness goals.

Another cool part of getting in shape is looking good and having the muscles that work for grappling. You know who's looking swole and kicking ass in no gi grappling right now? Gordon Ryan.


That is why many men and women have sought out Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as their go to work out. Generally, the average BJJ class is an hour to hour and a half work out that incorporates your entire body in a physically demanding cardio and flexibility, and strength building exercise. Of course yoga, body weight exercises, weight training, and cardio machines are all great methods for getting in shape. But a 25 minute BJJ rolling session will leave you exhausted, and more satisfied than you have ever felt after a routine work out.

BJJ, and any grappling martial art, is a sport that will push you beyond what you thought your body was capable of. It will test your limits and force you exert yourself. It is a physical and mentally challenging work out that will give you entire body what it needs: movement.

More still, BJJ forces you to get outside your comfort zone. How many of us can say we have been pushed to our absolute limits in an 8 minute roll? There is something truly primal about grappling. It comes naturally to us. And it builds character to physically dominate and be physically dominating by another person. Jiu jitsu is designed to be efficient, which means it works for all body types, even the little guy, or 21 year old girl you would never suspect was a killer. So you will be forced to “fight for your life” as you struggle your way through take downs, sweeps, submissions, pressure and more. It is a humbling experience for anyone who steps onto the mats for the first time.

Of course, BJJ is not a literal fight. It is a respectful learning environment, in which everyone’s goal is to learn, and learn we do by helping one another. We all want to see each other improve. Your training partners will become your best friends from having struggled together, and helped each other grow as human beings. These are some of the intangible things about training BJJ that go far beyond the routine work out, but are prevalent to the experience of learning a martial art. This type of environment genuinely makes you want to grow as a person, which will help you get to the gym more often, as you find it much more enjoyable than grinding a way at an average work out.

Should you wait to start BJJ until you get in shape? Absolutely not. Jump into BJJ and get to work. Combine it with a proper diet and you will immediately start to see results. Your body fat will disappear, your energy will increase, your strength will improve, and you will feel confident in yourself, having pushed beyond what you thought was possible. BJJ is not a work out routine. It is a life changing experience as long as you stick with it and are willing to be tested, grow, and learn. You would think with our modern life styles that we would benefit from a work out that allows us to go through a mindless work out routine once we are tired from a long day and just want to get home. Honestly, sometimes we do need that type of work out. But we also need to test our selves, and put our bodies to use. What better way than to learn the art of grappling? It is an art that demands so much from our bodies, and gives us so much in return.

If you need a little motivate to shake up your dull work out routine, or just get started somewhere then watch this video from UFC analysist Joe Rogan as he encourages you to get started NOW!

Have you seen Gordon Ryan - the dude is f_cking SWOLED UP. Want to know how Gordon Ryan went from 163lbs to a SWOLE 232 lbs and then back to 194 lbs... all in the matter of 18 months? All the while having the ability to train, compete and remain healthy?


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