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The 6th & Final Volume Of John Danaher's Enter The System Series Is Finally Here - Armbar (Juji-Gatame)

2 Pairs of Shorts (1 Black + 1 White)

2 Pairs of Shorts (1 Black + 1 White)

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MMA shorts sell for $50-60 each.  This is a great opportunity to get 2 plain pairs with no design (hardcore style) for just $39.  Made from the same material as all the other MMA/BJJ Shorts on the market – you can’t go wrong with these.  If you want to compete, they are IBJJF legal as well.

Size Chart:

S: 120-145 lbs

M: 145-175 lbs

L: 170-195 lbs

XL: 195-225 lbs

2XL: 225-255 lbs