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The Full Mount Escape Plan by Andre Galvao


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Andre Galvao

Professional Fighter

Get out of trouble the right way with these helpful tips from elite competitor and coach Andre Galvao

  • Learn how to stay safe and escape from the full mount, one of grappling’s most dominant positions
  • Get the same instruction that the elite black belts at Atos receive from Andre.
  • Survive and escape, not just to get away but to start countering, with these tricky attacks from bottom

Course Content

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Volume 1

Intro 0 - 1:38
Specific Warm Up Drills 1:38 - 17:53
Mount Position Breakdown 17:53 - 46:13

Volume 2

Survival Mode On 0 - 6:01
The "Upa" Escape 6:01 - 13:20
Mount Base Escape 13:20 - 19:39
Mount Elbow Escape 19:39 - 30:43

Volume 3

Mount Shin-Frame Escape 0 - 8:18
Mount Shin-Frame Overhead Escape 8:18 - 14:21
Mount Arm Trap Escape 14:21 - 22:18
Mount Arm Trap Escape 2.0 22:18 - 30:43
Pressure Mount Escape 30:43 - 39:34

Volume 4

Mount Press Escape 0 - 6:24
Mount Press Escape 2.0 6:24 - 14:59
The Wall Walker Mount Escape 14:59 - 19:22
The "S" Mount Frame Escape 19:22 - 23:04
Mount Back Roll Escape to Ankle-Lock Attack 23:04 - 31:17

Survive, Escape, and Keep Fighting Using Andre Galvao’s Guide To Getting Out Of Full Mount
Learn Mount Escapes From The Legendary 6-Time World Champion and Atos Head Instructor Andre Galvao

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What Will You Learn?

Get out from one of the most dominant positions in all of grappling and stay in the fight using this escape plan from one of grappling’s most successful coaches, Andre Galvao. The 5-time black belt world champion and reigning ADCC superfight champion shows all his favorite and most effective ways of getting opponents out of the mount and back into positions where he can start attacking.

Learn specific techniques for staying safe and then escaping, based on how your opponent attacks. Even though you are in bad position, the fight isn’t over, and you can use the same concepts and combinations that Atos head instructor Andre teaches.

Use fundamental escapes like the upa, the shin frame, and more, and see how to get out from even the heaviest opponents. By using leverage and technique, you can overcome those size and strength problems, and Andre shows you how in clear, step-by-step instruction.

Even against advanced players who use mount styles like the s-mount, the pressure mount, and more, you can stay safe and get out with these counters ready. Each problem has a solution, and Andre explains how to problem solve your way out of the full mount.

Mount Shin Frame Overhead Escape

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Intro
  • Specific Warm Up Drills 
  • Mount Position Breakdown 

Part 2:

  • Survival Mode On 
  • The "Upa" Escape
  • Mount Base Escape
  • Mount Elbow Escape 

Part 3:

  • Mount Shin-Frame Escape
  • Mount Shin-Frame Overhead Escape 
  • Mount Arm Trap Escape
  • Mount Arm Trap Escape 2.0 
  • Pressure Mount Escape

Part 4:

  • Mount Press Escape 
  • Mount Press Escape 2.0 
  • The Wall Walker Mount Escape 
  • The "S" Mount Frame Escape 
  • Mount Back Roll Escape to Ankle-Lock Attack 

Mount Base Escape

What Does It All Cost?