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Secrets Of The Spider Guard Training Program by Romulo Barral (Limited Edition 4 DVD Set)

Secrets Of The Spider Guard Training Program by Romulo Barral (Limited Edition 4 DVD Set)

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The Toughest Guard To Pass - The Easiest Guard To Sweep From: Romulo Barral's Spider Guard

Romulo Barral's guard basically doesn't ever get passed, and he sweeps everyone.  As a competitor he won 4 world titles and countless other accolades: Europeans, Abu Dhabi, ADCC, Pan.  He is one of the greatest competitors to ever step onto a mat.  His signature position, the Spider Guard is an absolute nightmare for the guy on top.  His foot placement, on the biceps, chest, other arm is crazy complex to solve and to throw his opponent off even more, he mixes in a side dish of lasso guards..  Then when he is starting to make progress, Romulo goes to X Guard.

If you are some one who is concenred with getting their guard passed, you have to see this.

It doesn't just work for Romulo.  Some of the best young competitors in the world are his students:  Felipe "Preguica" Pena, Edwin Najmi, Gabriel Arges..   Translation: He can teach you to be this good.

If you are serious about playing guard and want to learn a style that will keep you safe while allowing you to attack, you have to see Secrets of the Spider Guard by Romulo Barral

 You get 7 Guard Variations Built around one core guard game - "The Spider Guard" Here are the descriptions of each variation you get in this DVD Set:
  • Volume 1: Double Sleeve Control Spider - Start setting your traps here. Grab two sleeves, pull your opponent into your spider guard, and go to work. Romulo shows you a variety of options from this basic position - sweeps, triangles, armlocks, omoplatas, and footlocks.
  • Volume 2: Single Grip Lasso Leg Guard - Now it's time to break your opponent's grip and use your lasso leg to dominate positions. Here Romulo shows lasso leg sweeps landing you in mount and side control, and he even provides you with drills to hone your skills and keep your spider guard sharp.
  • Volume 3: Collar Control Guard - Collar control adds another dimension to your spider guard positional domination. Your opponent is not going to like this. Use your collar grip to pull unsuspecting opponents into triangles, armlocks, omoplatas, and footlocks.
  • Volume 4: X-Guard - Now you have your opponents running scared. They have tasted your spider guard and they just don't want to engage. Here comes the X-guard. Romulo shows how to use your hips to bring your opponents to you, secure the X-guard position, and start attacking for sweeps and submissions. Don't let your opponents disengage - force them to play your game.
  • Volume 5: De La Riva Guard - So your opponent wants to be aggressive - he grips up and tries to pass your guard. No worries. Romulo shows how to use De La Riva guard to keep your opponents totally uncomfortable with sweeps and submissions. You can even turn that sweep into a takedown and show your opponents what it really means to be aggressive.
  • Volume 6: Double Under Guard - Now your opponent has managed to get you into a double under position. He thinks he has you beat for the pass. Just wait. Frustrate your opponents with impassable double under defense, or surprise them with sweeps, armlocks, and sneaky triangles.
  • Volume 7: Double Grip Lasso Leg Guard - In our final spider guard series, you have your opponent totally locked down with double sleeve grips and the lasso leg. Now be relentless with your attacks. Finish him off with more sweeps and submissions, and make your opponent regret the day he ever played with your deadly spider guard game.