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The Baratoplata 2 DVD Set by Rafael Freitas

The Baratoplata 2 DVD Set by Rafael Freitas

The Baratoplata 2 DVD Set by Rafael Freitas

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Rafeal Freitas is the roosterweight Gracie Barra competitor known for his energetic style in both jiu-jitsu and MMA. The baratoplata is Rafael's unique submission which is highly effective however relatively unknown amongst practitioners of BJJ & MMA.
In this 2 DVD set, Rafael will break down - in full detail - how to set up and finish this painful submission from standing and from the ground.

Chapter listing:
1- From Full Mount 
2- High Mount 
3- From S Mount 
4- From Technical Mount  
5- From Arm Bar Defense 
6- Kimura from North South 
7- Kimura from Side Control (Might change the name of this one)
8- From Side Control 1
9- From Side Control 2
10- From Knee on Belly 
11- From Reverse Knee on Belly 
12 - From Passing Straight to Mount 
13 - From Turtle Position 
14 - Flying Baratoplata  
1- Pulling to the guard 
2- From Closed guard 1  
3- From Closed Guard 2 
4- From Butterfly guard 
5- From Spider Guard 1 
6- From Spider Guard 2 
7- From Triangle Defense 1 
 8 - From Triangle Defense 2 
9 - From Arm Bar Defense 
10 - From Omo Plata 
11 - From Double Under Hook Pass

1- Both knees on the ground
2- Step the right leg
3- Step the left leg 
4- Stand Up
5- Hold his hands together 
6- Forward roll  
7 - Keeping head low
-The Baratoplata in BJJ matches
-The Baratoplata in MMA fight
Languages: English, Japanese