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The Invisible Armbar DVD by Diego Gamonal

The Invisible Armbar DVD by Diego Gamonal

The Invisible Armbar DVD by Diego Gamonal

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The Invisible Armbar DVD by Diego Gamonal

Tap All The Guys At Your Gym – Even The Black Belts With The Craziest Armbar They Will Never See Coming

Diego Gammonal’s Invisible Armbar Will Become Your New Secret Weapon

The Invisible Armbar by Diego Gamonal

Do you remember the feeling you had when you first got caught in an armbar?  “What the f**k was that??!!”  you cried out!  Well you can have that feeling again.  They will never see Diego’s armbar coming.  It is weird, you don’t even use your hands and it works like crazy.

You use it almost like an Kneebar from the Over/Under Pass but instead of using it on the leg you use it on your hands.  Your opponent won’t even know what happened and it is so easy to get.  If he goes to turtle – it is game over 



Diego isn’t just some no name guy.  He was a Masters World Champion at Black Belt in 2016 and he is a killer on the mat.  He’s beaten a whole host of big names including Keenan Cornelius.  

So what is on the DVD?

-invisible arm bar 

-invisible arm bar from over/under defense 

-invisible arm bar from arm drag 

-invisible arm bar from deep half 

-invisible arm bar from side control 

– finishing invisible arm bar when opponent grabs hand to hand 

– transition to reverse omoplata from invisible arm bar

– 3 headed monster attack 

– alternate setup to 3 headed monster attack 
-rolling triangle