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Feet To Floor Bundle by John Danaher


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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John Danaher

Professional Fighter

Learn Everything You Will Ever Need To Fight On Your Feet With The Best BJJ Coach On Earth - John Danaher - With This Bundle Of His Entire ‘Feet To Floor’ Series Full Of Revolutionary BJJ-Specific Concepts With Effective Takedowns And Innovative Guard Pulling Systems

  • Learn the key details to some of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu’s most effective takedowns, as Professor John Danaher shows you how to safely and reliably take down your opponents and training partners.
  • Use throws like the Tomoe Nage, Sumi Gaeshi, Osoto Gari, Kouchi Gari, and more for maximum results with Professor Danaher’s methods.
  • Use a unique BJJ-based approach to get the fight to the floor, instead of just copying wrestling or judo, and unlock techniques and combinations you’ve never seen before.
  • Pull directly into submissions, sweeps, strong attacking positions, and more in this systematic approach with hours of detail packed ind
  • Counter and stop pesky guard pullers with these techniques to keep your advantage early in top position.
  • Convert common moves from the mat to your feet, as you learn how some simple sweeps can work as takedowns and more.
  • Professor John Danaher is considered by many to be the greatest grappling coach in the world, with elite championship students like Gordon Ryan, Georges St. Pierre, and Garry Tonon.
  • Know more. Win more.

Course Content

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Volume 1

4:20 The Criteria for Takedown Selection for Jiu Jitsu
11:35 Creating an Overall Game plan for Jiu Jitsu Students in the Standing Position
40:15 The First Precursor Skill of the Standing Position: Stance
1:00:35 The Most Important Insight You Can Gain in the Standing Position: Left & Right Stances
1:16:09 Why The Distinction Between Kenka-Yotsu & Ai-Yotsu Is So Important For Your Standing Game
1:28:44 The Second Precursor Skill of Standing Position: Fighting For A Grip - Understanding Power Hand and Control Hand
1:40:55 Gripping for a Purpose
1:49:16 The Reverse Power Hand
1:56:03 Turning the Most Common Grip Scenario to Your Advantage
2:09:06 Grip Fighting in Kenka-Yotsu to Throw An Ai-Yotsu
2:17:42 Dealing with Failure to Get Inside Position in Kenka-Yotsu Position

Volume 2

17:27 The Second Skill of Gripping: Breaking a Grip
39:18 Grip Fighting Strategy - Ai-Yotsu Strategy - Strategy 1
1:15:45 Strategy 2
1:20:44 Strategy 3
1:28:25 Strategy 4
1:33:36 Kenka-Yotsu Strategy - Strategy 1
1:40:27 Strategy 2
1:44:50 Strategy 3
1:50:15 Strategy 4

Volume 3

14:31 The Grip and Move Principle
19:52 The Fourth Precursor Skill of Standing Position: Kuzushi/Breaking Stance
24:30 The Four Golden Opportunities of Kuzushi
36:47 Fifth Precursor Skill Of Standing: Position
42:18 The 5 Minimum Requirements As You Begin Your Journey In The Standing Position - #1 Prerequisite Skills
56:53 #2 Front Takedowns
1:06:25 #3 Rear Takedowns
1:09:09 #4 Pulling Guard
1:11:22 #5 Countering a Guard Pull

Volume 4

15:37 Power Hand and Control Hand for Collar Drag
27:46 The Leg Action of the Collar Drag: Uki Waza or Single Slide
32:40 Heavy Hand on the Cross Lapel
37:27 High Head
43:53 The Forward Rock
47:08 Body Position & Angle for the Collar Drag
51:47 The 3 Targets of the Collar Drag
57:12 The Greatest Disadvantage of the Collar Drag - Predictability
1:11:32 Attacking Off The Grip
1:14:50 Working From Grip Fight - Straight Cuff
1:20:57 Movement As a Distraction
1:24:53 Collar Drag from Kenka-Yotsu: Cuff Method
1:26:46 Collar Drag from Kenka-Yotsu: Cross Grip
1:30:03 Combining the Collar Drag with Other Attacks - Half Sasae into Collar Drag
1:33:07 Seoi Snap into Collar Drag
1:36:06 Two on One Cross Collar Snap Into Collar Drag
1:39:32 Failed Cross Osoto-Gari into Collar Drag
1:47:12 Failed Kouchi-Gari into Collar Drag
1:52:34 Failed Ankle Pick into Collar Drag
1:57:06 Double Drag
2:00:26 Working the Interface Between Feet & Floor
2:03:39 A Big Advantage of the Collar Drag Over Other Takedown Methods
2:08:26 The Great Relationship Between the Collar Drag, the Single Leg, & The Back

Volume 5

5:35 Cuff Ankle Picks
6:53 Inside Ankle Pick
8:55 Shoulder Grip Cross Ankle Pick
10:44 Combining Outside Pick & Inside Pick
12:24 Kibisu Gaeshi Floor Post
14:32 Why I strongly Favor The Ankle Pick For Jiu Jitsu - Overlap With Ground Grappling
22:08 Low Risk/High Reward
26:49 Ankle Pick Is Very Well Suited To Common Jiu-Jitsu Stance
32:14 Ankle Pick Combines Extremely Well With Guard Pulls
36:56 Ankle Pick Utilizes The Long End Of The Lever
40:03 What Do We Need To Develop A High Level Ankle Pick - There Are 2 Main Kinds Of Ankle Picks
43:50 Understanding Shot Hand/Shot Leg Correlation
47:46 Ability To Get Our Opponent To Take A Step
53:14 Ability To Get Opponent’s Head Over The Ankle You Are Attacking
56:06 Ability To Keep Opponent’s Head Same Height As Yours
1:02:38 Ability To Go From One Ankle To Another
1:05:49 Ability To Use Shot Hand In A Linear Fashion
1:09:07 Ability To Create A Drive Leg And Finish With A Knee Slide
1:11:27 Ankle Picking From Kenka-Yotsu
1:19:01 The Relationship Between Snap-Downs And Ankle Picks
1:28:08 Double Ankle Pick
1:34:47 High Finishes To An Ankle Pick
1:38:36 Troubleshooting The Ankle Pick - Dealing With A Stiff Arm
1:46:21 Opponent Controls Our Shot Hand
1:58:09 Opponent Plays Upright Stance
2:05:22 The Special Relationship Between Ankle Picking And Knee Picking
2:12:36 Double Leg Takedown (Morote Gari) from Ai-Yotsu - Open Position
2:19:22 Straight Cuff Flank
2:23:01 Cross Cuff Grip
2:24:28 Cross Grip
2:26:10 Armdrag
2:27:31 Using a Grip Fight to Your Advantage
2:29:01 Sleeve Lapel
2:31:16 Double Leg Takedown (Morote Gari) from Kenka-Yotsu - Cross Grip
2:34:51 Grip Break Method
2:36:46 Lapel Grip
2:39:09 Single Leg Takedown - The difference between single legs Gi & No-Gi
2:41:46 Ai-Yotsu - Lapel Single Leg
2:47:20 Dump
2:50:45 Sleeve Cuff Single
2:52:44 Double Sleeves
2:54:43 Kenka-Yotsu - One Handed Gripping
2:57:16 Knee Pick Kuchiki-Daoshi
2:59:46 Kenka-Yotsu Lapel Grip
3:07:17 Grip Fighting
3:09:50 Kuchiki-Daoshi combined with Tani-O’toshi

Volume 6

6:19 Two on One/Half Tai-Otoshi Kenka-Yotsu Situation
9:37 Cross Grip Snap Down Ai-Yotsu
13:31 Arm Trap Snap Down Kenka-Yotsu
16:01 Ude Gaeshi - Standard Supine Version
18:59 Standard Supine to an Arm Pin
28:53 Ude Gaeshi Cross Grip
33:03 Seoi Snap
35:41 Straight Lapel Version
44:33 Double Knee Drop vs Single Knee Drop
48:10 Troubleshooting Seoi Snap
53:10 Rear Takedowns
57:21 The Special Relationship Between Front Takedowns and Rear Takedowns
1:04:13 Controlling The Rear Body Lock
1:08:43 Kazushi From The Standing Rear Body Lock
1:18:18 Forward Takedowns From The Rear - Reverse Kouchi-Gari
1:24:02 Reverse Kosoto
1:34:27 Reverse De Ashi Harai
1:43:43 Reverse Ankle Pick
1:52:07 Rear Takedowns Backwards Direction - Tani-Otoshi
2:01:30 Reverse Tai Otoshi
2:14:58 Reverse Sumi-Gaeshi

Volume 7

5:47 The 3 Functions of Takedowns In Self Defense
10:32 Not All Self Defense Scenarios Are The Same
26:57 My Golden Rules For Self Defense Takedowns - #1 Don’t Go to Your Knees
29:13 #2 Favor Takedowns That Make It Difficult For An Opponent To Strike You Before, During, And After A Takedown
32:40 #3 Favor Low Amplitude Takedowns
38:37 #4 Favor Takedowns That Result In Your Opponent Going Down To The Ground And You Remaining On Your Feet
44:05 #5 Have A Couple Of High Amplitude Takedowns That Involve Crashing Your Opponent Into The Ground With Velocity
48:16 #6 Favor Takedowns From Behind Your Opponent
51:36 #7 Favor Takedowns that Don’t Rely on Clothing
54:44 #8 Favor Takedowns Where You Remain On Two Feet
59:58 #9 Favor Takedowns That Do Not Require Large Amounts of Space for Their Application
1:03:16 The Three Best Takedowns For Self Defense Applications - High Single Leg Ankle Block And Classic Tai Otoshi

Volume 8

4:45 Phase 2: Capture the Leg
17:04 Phase 3: Transfer to the High Leg
18:55 Head Position
24:59 The Instant Off Balance
28:26 Application From the Back
31:19 The Arm Drag as the Best Method of Getting Behind an Opponent
33:43 Special Topic: The Impact of Clothing on Self Defense Takedowns - The Relevance of Hockey Fighting to Self Defense
41:25 Neutral Attack Positon Screen Only Heading
46:12 Kenka-Yotsu Neutral Grip
52:29 Safety Grips Transition to Dominance
56:53 Advantage Front Position /Advantage Back Position/ Advantage Blind
1:01:12 Clothing, Takedowns & Self-Defense
1:06:35 Special Topic: SVG Theory
1:17:00 Understanding the Nuances of SVG
1:47:01 Final Reflections on Takedowns for Self-Defense

Learn Everything You Will Ever Need To Fight On Your Feet With The Best BJJ Coach On Earth - John Danaher - With This Bundle Of His Entire ‘Feet To Floor’ Series Full Of Revolutionary BJJ-Specific Concepts With Effective Takedowns And Innovative Guard Pulling Systems

What Will You Learn?

For so many students of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and submission grappling, the standing techniques and concepts can be the most difficult to learn. They take time to master, they can be dangerous to train if you are doing it incorrectly, and most of the strategies and moves are taken from other martial arts like judo or wrestling. Now, you can join the most in-demand grappling coach on Earth, Professor John Danaher, as he shows his new system for getting the fight from Feet To Floor.

Professor Danaher’s goal for the “Feet To Floor” series is to revolutionize the way jiu-jitsu practitioners see the standing position and to fit their styles to the sport. By using classic judo and wrestling techniques that have high strategic value, you can supercharge your game with John’s whole new outlook on the standing position.

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This bundle combines his three “Feet To Floor” instructional series for every detail to Professor Danaher’s system. Each series is packed with knowledge that athletes of any level can use, with over 24 total volumes and nearly 40 hours of content, this is a manual you can revisit over and over as you continue your martial arts study.

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With adapted techniques that fit Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu’s specific needs and rules, John shows you how to approach standing on the feet from a fundamental and strategic level, how to use some of judo’s safest and most effective throws, and how to use his guard pulling system to huge effect. Don’t miss out now on this incredible chance to totally change the way you approach fighting from the feet with direct coaching from the best grappling mind on Earth.


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