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Wrestling Entries for Grapplers by Kody Steele


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Kody Steele

Professional Fighter

Start Fighting For Effective Takedowns to Dominant Positions With EBI Champion Kody Steele's Easy Guide for BJJ Wrestling

  • Never worry about landing in the guard or a guillotine again
  • Shoot, throw, and snap down with technique and confidence
  • Great guide for experienced and new wrestlers
  • Kody Steele is an EBI Combat Champion with incredible takedowns

Course Content

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Volume 1

imtro 0 - 1:01
General Overview 1:01 - 2:55
Double Leg Mechanics 2:55 - 5:52
Super Duck 5:52 - 9:22
Arm Drag 9:22 - 14:40
Elbow Pass 14:40 - 17:15
Overtie Snapdown 17;15 - 20:39
Sweep Single Leg 20:39 - 26:41
Pretty Boy Throwby 26:41 - 30:40

Volume 2

Shuckby 0 - 3:45
Single Leg Dump from High Crotch 3:45 - 9:23
High Crotch Lift 9:23 - 14:40
High Crotch to Double Leg 14:40 - 17:20
High Crotch to Backtake 17:20 - 20:05
Body Lock basics 20:05 - 22:56
Body Lock Goliath Takedown 22:56 - 27:10
Body Lock Knee-sweep 27:10 - 31;02

Start Fighting For Effective Takedowns To Dominant Positions With EBI Champion Kody Steele’s Easy Guide For BJJ Wrestling

Never worry about landing in the guard or a guillotine again, as the Combat Jiu-Jitsu champ teaches you how to wrestle for grappling matches


What Will You Learn?

Learn the wrestling skills you need for grappling, and attack takedowns safely and effectively with Combat Jiu-Jitsu champion Kody Steele’s guide to fighting from the feet. Even if you have no wrestling experience, you can use these techniques to get the fight to the ground, without getting caught in any submissions or tricky guards. Shoot to the legs, throw your opponent upper body, or get behind your opponent to take the back with Kody’s crisp and effective wrestling technique, modified and perfected for submission grappling.

Wrestle your opponents to the ground and start using your top game with these battle tested takedowns that work for grappling. In BJJ, takedowns can risk submissions like guillotines and getting stuck in dangerous guards. Kody Steele is one of the most impressive no-gi grapplers on the modern competitive circuit, with a recent championship performance at EBI, and after a lifetime wrestling and grappling he shows all of his best tricks for staying safe and effective with his wrestling.

Across two-discs, Kody shows the shots and takedowns that work best for grappling. Shoot for double legs and single legs, drag and pass people by with arm drags, shuckbys, elbow passes, and more, and get powerful finishes with Kody’s series around the body lock and high crotch. Every takedown is optimized to land you in dominant positions, ready to attack submissions, and reduce your threat of submission counters.

Don’t shy away from takedowns again, instead become an effective and technical wrestler with the concepts and fundamentals that Kody explains. Coming from a wrestling background, Kody understands how you can maximize your efficiency and make every technique as clean as possible. Now you can stop tiring yourself out by trying to power through things, and instead you can start being precise with every move.

Kody Steele’s new 2-volume series is perfect for grapplers of any age or experience level learn how to be an effective takedown fighter. Wrestle with technique that has been designed just for BJJ, and attack in the combinations that have made Kody one of the best American submission fighters around today. See the details behind the handfighting, shots, and finishes that will let take the fight to the ground on your terms.

So What’s On This Series


  • Introduction
  • General Overview
  • Double Leg Mechanics
  • Super Duck
  • Arm Drag
  • Elbow Pass
  • Overtie Snapdown
  • Sweep Single Leg
  • Pretty Boy Throwby


  • Shuckby
  • Single Leg Dump From High Crotch
  • High Crotch Lift
  • High Crotch to Double Leg
  • High Crotch to Back Take
  • Body Lock Basics
  • Body Lock Goliath Takedown
  • Body Lock Knee Sweep