19 Guard Passes for just $19 by Kit Dale

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"The key to having a world class passing game is having answers from all situations. I pride myself on coming up with solutions from any situation, and a big part of that is my method of guard passing, which I shared in Kit Dale's Guard Passing Masterclass.

With the success of Kit Dale's Guard Passing Masterclass, I decided to create a product that shows some of my favourite guard passes with detailed instructions, covering not just HOW to apply these moves, but WHEN and WHY, which is the most important (and usually least focused) aspect of the technique.

Below are three techniques from Kit Dale's 19 Guard Passes For Just $19." - Kit Dale

Kit Dale's 19 favourite guard passes are:

  • Kit's Leg Drag
  • Bottle Opener
  • Stack Pass to Leg Drag
  • Stack Pass into Long Step
  • Knee Cut with Underhook
  • Knee Cut with Cross Collar Grip
  • Back Step from Seated Guard
  • Smash Pass to Mount
  • Switch Pass
  • High Knee Cut
  • Wind Out to Arm Lock
  • Weave Pressure Pass
  • Shuffle Pass
  • Far Side Torriander
  • Over Under Pass
  • Knee Cut
  • Sweep to Pass
  • Pass with No Name
  • Step Over Pass