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Buzzsaw Passing: Gi by Andrew Wiltse


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Andrew Wiltse

Professional Fighter

Destroy open guards with Andrew Wiltse’s signature buzzsaw passing system that anyone can use to start smashing and slicing through bottom players.

  • Shut down the reverse De La Riva and traditional De La Riva as Andrew shows you grip fighting and positioning concepts to stay safe and control the fight while you set up passes
  • Use knee cuts, toreando, x-pass, leg weaves, and more for a comprehensive passing system that works together in the system Andrew shows
  • Andrew’s style can help anyone learn better grip fighting, top positioning, and guard passing mechanics, as well as how to use and combine moves for maximum effect
  • Finish passes in side control, the mount, or take the back with Andrew’s techniques for turning their reactions into even better positions for yourself

Course Content

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Volume 1

2:42 Grip fighting offense
15:36 Clearing leg attachments
22:43 Outside passing xpass
27:41 Xpass fail (don't clear the leg)
32:26 Xpass follow up kick over
35:13 Jumping x-pass
38:57 Wrestle up off xpass
40:52 Toreando
44:27 Toreondo follow up
51:00 Toreando twitch
53:56 Staple leg same side collar
1:00:25 Stiff arm
1:06:40 Leg weave follow up
1:07:39 Step over back chase
1:09:44 Triangle the legs to finish
1:12:26 Toreando frame too strong
1:15:34 Windshield wiping from bridge
1:17:36 Marcelo sit out

Volume 2

3:38 Finishing
5:27 Power drag
9:36 Diving inside leg drag
12:00 Back step through
17:21 Chasing the back
19:41 Chasing the back stiff arm
24:08 Power flip
26:04 Same side lapel
30:46 Leg weave finish
33:42 Shin on shin leg weave
35:50 Hand weave
37:48 Same side pants

Volume 3

9:46 Knee slice details
17:42 Shin on shin
22:20 Knee slice finishing
25:50 Cross collar knee slice
38:17 Jumping

Volume 4

6:27 Under hook variations
10:53 Leg weave finish
14:42 Step over finish
18:20 Taking mount
24:05 Over under leg weave
29:53 Leg weave entry from knee shield

Volume 5

13:25 Leg weave from de la riva
21:09 Folding pass
27:55 Sit up da la riva
32:18 De la riva spider and lasso
41:45 Leg drag from de la riva
47:19 Defending variations on the ankle
53:46 Hail de la riva
1:02:32 Contested de la riva hook
1:12:57 De la riva wrestle up
1:19:18 The suck up

Volume 6

2:47 Tucking knee under knee
8:15 X-pass
11:53 Smash
15:14 Circle the foot
19:52 Leg weave entry
23:26 Buzzsaw demonstration
27:32 Narration demonstration
28:54 Outro

Learn The Aggressive, Effective, And Highly Technical Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Passing System That Andrew Wiltse Has Used To Become An Expert Guard Passer, Including Narrated Footage Of The System In Action


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What Will You Learn?

Andrew Wiltse has quickly established himself as one of the most exciting and technical black belt competitors in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and now you can learn the guard passing system that he has perfected on his way to the top. With Andrew’s Buzzsaw Passing system on this 6-part mega-series, you can start to attack and pass guards with precision and effective combinations.

Andrew teaches every detail of his system, leaving nothing back for you, as he explains the grip fighting, positioning, and passes that he relies on. Use knee cuts, movement passes like toreando and x pass, leg weaves, and more to create movement and draw out reactions from the guard player you can take advantage of.

This system, once you combine the details and techniques, can slice through guards and Andrew shows you his style in action as he records himself rolling and then narrates over it to give you a better understanding of his game. Build your technique and your strategy with this top game masterclass.

The Suck Up

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Introduction
  • Open guard 
  • Grip fighting defense 
  • Grip fighting offense 
  • Clearing leg attachments 
  • Outside passing x pass 
  • X pass fail (don't clear the leg)
  • X pass follow up kick over
  • Jumping x-pass 
  • Wrestle up off x pass 
  • Toreando
  • Toreondo follow up
  • Toreando twitch 
  • Staple leg same side collar
  • Stiff arm
  • Leg weave follow up 
  • Step over back chase 
  • Triangle the legs to finish 
  • Toreando frame too strong 
  • Windshield wiping from bridge 
  • Marcelo sit out 

Part 2:

  • Leg drags 
  • Follow up failed shelf 
  • Finishing 
  • Power drag
  • Diving inside leg drag
  • Back step through 
  • Chasing the back
  • Chasing the back stiff arm 
  • Power flip 
  • Same side lapel 
  • Leg weave finish 
  • Shin on shin leg weave 
  • Hand weave
  • Same side pants 

Part 3:

  • Knee slice 
  • Knee slice failure details 
  • Knee slice details 
  • Shin on shin 
  • Knee slice finishing
  • Cross collar knee slice 
  • Jumping

Part 4:

  • Leave weave 
  • Leg weave finish variation 
  • Under hook variations
  • Leg weave finish 
  • Step over finish 
  • Taking mount
  • Over under leg weave
  • Leg weave entry from knee shield

Part 5:

  • De la riva 
  • Knee slice 
  • Leg weave from de la riva 
  • Folding pass 
  • Sit up da la riva
  • De la riva spider and lasso 
  • Leg drag from de la riva 
  • Defending variations on the ankle 
  • Hail de la riva 
  • Contested de la riva hook 
  • De la riva wrestle up 
  • The suck up 

Part 6:

  • Reverse de la riva 
  • Controlling the inversion
  • Tucking knee under knee
  • X-pass 
  • Smash 
  • Circle the foot 
  • Leg weave entry 
  • Buzzsaw demonstration 
  • Narration demonstration 
  • Outro 

So, What Does It All Cost?