Dean Lister - The K.A.T.C.H. Leg Attack System - Part 3 (On Demand)

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Learn The Leg Attack Secrets That Will Get You Tapping
Higher Belts (Yes, Even Black Belts!) With Ease!

Part 3 -

Toe hold fundamentals
Application of Toe Hold
Toe hold from dela riva
-Toe hold finish from knee bar position
Rolling toe hold in open guard
Rolling toe hold in open guard Finish
Straight knee lock finishing details thumb vs big toe
Knee bar setup. Saulo ribeiro reference
Back step knee bar
Knee bar counter to Quarter guard
Leg sweep attach from the half guard
Closed circuit from knee lock detail
Calorification bottom leg vs top leg
Knee bar finish details
Knee bar counter to opponents guard retention
Knee bar/ sweep from half guard