Di-indolyl Methane Supplement (DIM)

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Early in BJJ training you realize that this is more than just a sport; it's a way of life. Eating the foods that optimize training, recovery, and competition is a big part of that. Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, and leafy greens are some of the healthiest options available.

And we've figured out one more reason why eating these veggies is so important. They contain a unique compound called Di-indolyl Methane (DIM), that actually helps the body metabolize excess estrogen in a healthy and natural way!

Why is this important for BJJ?

Excess estrogen means more body fat. When you metabolize that estrogen with DIM, you can drop the extra pounds, increase lean body mass, and make your weight class without sweating out your strength in a sauna.

But here's the thing: getting all the DIM your body can use isn't possible through diet alone. In fact, to equal the amount of DIM found in one capsule of Smoky Mountain Naturals' DIM product, you would have to eat two pounds of cruciferous veggies. Save yourself the tasteless chewing, and save your training partners the gas. Get all the DIM your body can use with one daily capsule.

Start using 200mg DIM once daily, 30-60 days prior to competition to receive the full benefit. While the competition is running in sweatsuits and starving themselves, you'll be at weight, stronger than ever, and ready to fight.

Take DIM for:

- Improved lean body mass

- Estrogen metabolism

- Healthy testosterone levels

- All-natural competition edge

Each bottle is a two-month supply for only $15. Or get two bottles for only $25