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GRIT - You should never have to perform at less than 100%

GRIT - You should never have to perform at less than 100%

GRIT - You should never have to perform at less than 100%

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GRIT will help you maximize your athletic potential by ensuring you are at your best when training or competing.



GRIT will increase your muscle endurance during high-intensity exercises and speed up recovery during rest periods/after workouts 
by flushing out the build up of LACTIC ACID in your muscles.

Drinking some GRIT will ensure you re-hydrate your body with FIVE times as many ELECTROLYTES than the world's leading sports drink.

Using GRIT will give you SIGNIFICANTLY HIGHER ENERGY LEVELS when you are training/competing.

To accomplish all this - GRIT uses a special formula that will provide your body with the right dose of POTASSIUMMAGNESIUM,
BCAAs(Branched-Chain Amino Acids), BETA-ALANINEDEXTROSE(simple carbs), MALTODEXTRIN(complex carbs) and GLUCOSE(sugar).


GRIT starts working in just under 25 MINUTES.

Making use of a specially formulated FAST RELEASE AND ABSORB mechanism GRIT enters directly into yourBLOODSTREAM, skipping your body's usual SLOW STOMACH DIGESTION process - ensuring GRIT gets absorbed3x-4x FASTER than WATER.


GRIT uses the super-food BEET ROOT POWDER for natural coloring, but this is no coincidence.

BEETS improve exercise stamina and are loaded with additional vitamins and minerals, while maintaining alow caloric/fat profile. This magical root is also known for containing a variety of inorganic nitrates and pigments - which have a number of documented health benefits.

Key Ingredients: 
BCAA's; Beta-Alanine; Glucose; Complex Carbs; Electrolytes; Beet Root Powder.
Key Points:
GRIT IS SAFE - It’s permitted for all athletes of all ages. (Olympians and World Champions are currently drinking it)
INCREASE ENDURANCE - GRIT will reduce your muscle fatigue to a minimum. You’ll feel it working within 20 - 25 minutes of drinking GRIT because it absorbs into your bloodstream and your body doesn’t need to digest it.
STAY HYDRATED - GRIT will hydrate you with 5 x more Electrolytes than the world’s leading sports drink. GRIT is formulated to absorb 3-4 times faster in your body than water alone.
INCREASE ENERGY - Thanks to the simple (dextrose) and complex (maltodextrin) quality carbs you’ll find in GRIT, and the sugar in the form of Glucose, your energy level will increase when you’re training and competing.
REDUCE MUSCLE FATIGUE - Thanks to the Beta-Alanine in GRIT, you’ll increase your muscle endurance in high-intensity exercises and will recover faster by flushing the Lactic Acid out of your muscles.
PEAK PERFORMANCE - We’ve used the superfood Beetroot Powder for natural coloring. Beetroot increases blood flow and nutrient delivery to the working muscle during exercise performance.