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Half Guard Passing and Dynamic Pins: BJJ Fundamentals - Go Further Faster by John Danaher


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John Danaher

Professional Fighter

Pass the half guard with John Danaher’s focused “463 Method” of attack (including his favorite techniques and positions to pass with)

  • Hold the tightest possible control and transition from pin to pin with maximum efficiency, using these techniques and concepts
  • John Danaher is the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu coach of champion athletes like Gordon Ryan, Garry Tonon, and Georges St. Pierre
  • Study the newest installment of John Danaher’s Go Further, Faster series, made to help Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu students of all ages and skill levels improve faster than ever
  • Know more. Win more.


Pass The Half Guard and Hold Down Bigger, Stronger Opponents With Professor John Danaher’s Top Secret Formula For Dynamic Pinning Success
Grappling’s Most Sought After Coach Teaches His Fundamental Combination System For Dynamic Pinning And Passing The Half Guard

Check Out The Trailer To John Danaher's Half Guard Passing & Dynamic Pins Instructional

What Will You Learn? 

Learn the dynamic fundamentals behind passing half guard and pinning opponents with maximum efficiency with Professor John Danaher’s Go Further, Faster: Half Guard Passing and Dynamic Pinning. Across 8-volumes, Professor Danaher teaches his “436” approach to half guard passing and his dynamic pinning formula that lets his students move aggressively from dominant position to dominant position. Find all of the tools you need to master these important skills here on the newest installment of Professor John Danaher’s Go Further, Faster series.

This is your opportunity to learn the secrets behind one of John’s favorite passing styles, with this systematic guard pass approach that he is showing the public for the first time ever. John’s team has proven it in high-level competitions like the UFC, ADCC, and EBI, including John’s student Georges St. Pierre passing BJ Penn’s guard seven times in their UFC 94 fight with these same techniques.



Over these 8-volumes, you will learn how to force half guard, create control and pressure, and begin passing with John’s fundamental techniques. John explains how to engage the half guard, begin creating dilemmas, and then force your way into one of his 4 main positions. John also explains the half guard in full conceptual detail, including the options for the bottom fighter and why half guard passing is so different from open guard passing and why it is so linked with pinning.

Master the skill of pinning an opponent and break down an opponent’s defenses easier than ever with this complete guide to one of the most important tasks in all of grappling. Turn your side control, mount, back control, and more into airtight positions of control, and see how to move from dominant position to dominant position.


Professor John Danaher is the most sought-after Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu coach in the world, and his Go Further, Faster series is the fundamental techniques and concepts that he believes every student can benefit from. With these core concepts and techniques, you can improve faster than ever, like his own students have (having produced black belt world champions, MMA world champions, and more). Go Further, Faster: Half Guard Passing & Dynamic Pinning is Professor Danaher’s never-before-seen system for passing and pinning that can let you pass, pressure, and hold down opponents people that are bigger, stronger, and more experienced than you


So, What Exactly Is On This Series?

Vol 1:

  • Half guard passing introduction
  • Overview of half guard passing: The 4.6.3 system
  • Essential skills of half guard passing
  • 1st Skill: Forcing Half guard
  • Split squat
  • Pinning the knee to the mat
  • Inside knee position
  • Using standard guard passes to attain half guard
  • Double knee position
  • 2nd Skill: Removing Barriers
  • Clearing the knee shield
  • Clearing the Scorpion (Lockdown)
  • Clearing a deep half guard
  • 3rd Skill: Negation of opponents attacks and stabilizing the position
  • Negating your opponents attacks
  • The fundamental gripping stance
  • The fundamental starting position (FSP)

 The Fundamental Starting Position

Vol 2:

  • 4th Skill: Controlling head and shoulders
  • The skill of crossfacing and underhooking
  • 5th Skill: Freeing the knee of the trapped leg
  • Shoelace method
  • The ball of the foot method
  • The hand post and elbow post method
  • Square tripod hand post method
  • The shaking method
  • Zig Zag knee direction 
  • 6th Skill: Multi directional switching, passing, and freeing your foot from four dominant positions
  • Pass from 3/4 side sit-out
  • Pass from 3/4 side
  • Reverse 3/4 side
  • 3/4 mount
  • Moving between the 4 dominant passing positions
  • Half guard passing direction and the law of perpendicularity

Vol 3:

  • The single most important reason why I put so much emphasis on half guard passing
  • Different upper body configurations for half guard passing
  • A crucial skill of half guard passing: Setting a crossface
  • A crucial skill of half guard passing: Setting a crossface 2
  • Dealing with an opponents underhook 

Vol 4:

  • Configuring your free leg
  • Configuring your free leg 2
  • Configuring your free leg 3
  • Passing half guard 1: Half Kata Gatame
  • Passing half guard 2: Lapel cross face
  • Passing half guard 3: Top head and arm
  • Passing half guard 4: Head block half guard pass
  • Passing half guard 5: Double underhook half guard passing
  • Near side and far side knee wedges from chest to chest
  • Getting the inside knee to the floor
  • Overview of the half guard passing system 'The 4.6.3. Passing system'


Vol 5:

  • Passing Half Butterfly Guard
  • The golden rule of half butterfly guard passing
  • Upper body gripping
  • Lower body leg positioning 1
  • Lower body leg positioning 2
  • Passing Half butterfly guard: Putting it all together 

Vol 6:

  • Introduction to Dynamic Pinning
  • Theory of dynamic pins
  • Definition of a pin
  • Location of wedges
  • Base of support
  • No pin is perfect but there is perfect pinning
  • The main directive of dynamic pinning
  • The 3 golden rules of dynamic pinning
  • Understanding the scoring criteria for pins in jiu jitsu 
  • The battle for inside position
  • A theory of wedges, inside position, and base
  • Static pinning
  • The main lines of resistance to any pin
  • Pushing
  • Shrimping 
  • Bridging
  • Knee escapes

Side To Rear Mount (Reactive)

Vol 7:

  • The three skills of dynamic pinning
  • The 1st skill - Maintaining a single pin
  • Side pin (variations)
  • North south pin (variations)
  • Mounted position (variations)
  • Rear mount (variations)
  • The 2nd skill - Transitioning between pins
  • Side to mount Part 1 - Knee drive
  • Side to mount Part 2 - Kneeling step over
  • Side to mount Part 3 - A sit-out step-over
  • Side to side
  • Side to knee on belly
  • Knee on belly to knee on belly
  • Mount to back (reactive)
  • Mount to back (proactive)
  • Mount to back (leg entry) 

Vol 8:

  • The 2nd Skill - Transitioning between pins (cont.)
  • Rear to side
  • Rear mount to mount
  • Side to rear mount
  • Side to rear mount (reactive)
  • The 3rd skill - Extracting a foot
  • Maintaining/Retaining pins
  • Maintaining the mounted position: Practical applications
  • Maintaining the side position: Practical applications
  • Retaining the rear mount
  • The minimum requirement of back control: Diagonal control
  • Lower body game
  • The three most important mover to maintain lower body control 

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