High Percentage Submissions by Bernardo Faria (Vol. 2 On Demand)

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“How Would You Like To Learn The Secret To Tapping Your Opponents - From The World’s Top Submission Hunter (And Oh By The Way, He’s Also The Best Black Belt In The World)?”

5X Black Belt World Champion Bernardo Faria Teaches The Sequences He Used To Tap Nearly All of His Opponents En Route To Winning Pan And World Championship Double Gold.

“To Tap Your Opponents You Need Don’t Need ‘Moves’ You Need High Percentage ‘Sequences of Moves.’”


VOl. 2

- Wrist Lock From Side Control

- Arm Bar When Opponent Try Side Control Escape

- Cross Choke

- Knee On Belly

- Baseball Choke From Knee On Belly

- Straight Arm Bar From High Mount

- Inverted Arm Bar From High Mount

- Basic Arm Bar From Mount

- Ezequiel

- Katagatame Fom Mount

- Super Man Arm Bar