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Impassable Bamboo Gi (White)

Impassable Bamboo Gi (White)

Impassable Bamboo Gi (White)

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The softest and Strongest Gi On The Market: Impassable Bamboo Gi White

This gi is one that you have to feel to believe.  It is made from Bamboo Cotton - the most expensive material known to construct a gi: It is soft: you won't need a rashguard, it absolutely feels like a dream.  Also, it is strong so it will never rip, it is lightweight so you get the heavy construction without carrying the weight.  It is antimicrobial too - it just doesn't smell like a gi!

Google "Bamboo Gi" you will see what they sell for: normally over $300 but our gi, which comes with a lifetime warranty is only $75.  This is an amazing value and when they are gone they are gone: these gi's take 6 months to get in stock.

Size Chart

Height           Weight          Size

5’3” – 5’8”      110 – 160       A1

5’8” – 6’1”      160 – 190       A2

6’1” – 6’4”      190 – 220       A3

6’3” – 6’6”      220 – 265       A4